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Summer fun: Solfeggio, Chords And Ear Training

16 Jun 2012 22:50 #4459 by hellene
Sorry for being late with this post: my students are having live recital tomorrow. I don't know, who is more nervous - they are or I am.

Let's start our summer fun activity. Chords...

It is very important to learn, how to pick up the right chords to any melody. Many guitar players know, how to do that and you don't have to be a professional musician to be able to do that.

In fact, believe it or not, all music based on 3 elephants, I mean chords. Their names are Tonic, Sub-dominant and Dominant. That's it!

Tonic is the most important chord. It is a 'gravity' of music. What 'Tonic' is? 99.9 of pieces are having Tonic as a final chord. Tonic is the most stable set of sounds that keep music in balance.

Do you remember our Introductory Songs ? Do and Sol in the left hand is TONIC.

DOMINANT - is the most unstable chord. I call TONIC a 'mother' and DOMINANT a 'father'. 'FATHER' is asking questions in our 'household' and 'MOTHER' is answering. In our 'Introductory songs' DOMINANT is FA and Sol, when pressed together.

In our family we also have SUB DOMINANT - a little 'princess' - daughter of TONIC and DOMINANT. She is in between and loves both parents :P You can experience SUB DOMINANT by playing JINGLE BELLS. FA and LA - the sounds of SUB DOMINANT.

Please, open the INTRODUCTORY SONGS, play Left Hand of all the pieces and guess, where TONIC, SUB DOMINANT and DOMINANT. Let me know about your impressions!

Talk to you soon!

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19 Jun 2012 13:33 #4499 by hellene
Simple steps and tips to work with the chords at the beginning:

1. Let open SOLFEGGIO AND CHORDS 1 in C major
2. Press S and listen to the music of the first piece
4. Listen to the second piece
5. Press L and H to hide the notes of the left hand
6. Play the Left hand using your ear/memory and try to make less then 1-2 mistakes. If you manage that, open the third piece.
4. Play all the pieces from the Album like the second piece.

Please, let me know about your progress!

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20 Jun 2012 19:12 #4518 by andreasro

hellene wrote: Извините за опоздание с этого поста: мои ученики испытывают живой концерт завтра. Я не знаю, кто больше нервничают - они или я.

Давайте начнем наше лето весело деятельности. Аккорды ...

Очень важно, чтобы узнать, как подобрать аккорды право любой мелодии. Многие гитаристы знают, как это сделать, и вам не нужно быть профессиональным музыкантом, чтобы быть в состоянии сделать это.

На самом деле, верить этому или нет, вся музыка на основе 3 слона, я имею в виду аккорды. Их имена тоник, к югу от доминирующей и доминирующим. Вот и все!

Тоник является самым важным аккордом. Это «тяжести» музыки. Что Тоник "есть? 99,9 штук возникли Тоник, как финальный аккорд. Тоник является наиболее стабильным набор звуков, которые держат музыку в балансе.

Помнишь наш [б] Вступительное песни? [/ B] До и Соль в левой руке тоником.

ДОМИНАНТА - это самый неустойчивый аккорд. Я называю TONIC "мать" и доминирующей "отец". «Отец» задает вопросы в нашем "домашнее хозяйство" и "мать" отвечает. в доминирующей наш "Вступительная песен является фа и соль, когда прижаты друг к другу.

В нашей семье мы также имеем SUB напротив - немного "принцесса" - дочь TONIC и доминирующим. Она находится между и любит обоих родителей: P Вы можете испытать SUB ДОМИНАНТА, играя JINGLE КОЛОКОЛА Ф. Л. - звуки SUB ДОМИНАНТА ..

Пожалуйста, откройте ВВОДНЫЕ ПЕСНИ, играть Левая рука все части и догадаться, где TONIC, SUB доминирующим и преобладающим. Дайте мне знать о своих впечатлениях!

Поговорите с вами!

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20 Jun 2012 19:14 #4519 by andreasro

hellene wrote: Простые шаги и рекомендации по работе с аккордами в начале:

1. Позвольте открыть сольфеджио и аккорды 1 до мажор
2. Нажмите S и слушать музыку из первой части
3. Нажмите L и играть левой рукой первой части. ТОЛЬКО ЕСЛИ левая рука ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ И ВРЕМЯ меньше, чем количество очков ОТКРОЕТСЯ ВТОРАЯ ЧАСТЬ.
4. Слушайте вторую часть
5. Нажмите L и H, чтобы скрыть ноты левой рукой
6. Играть левой рукой с помощью уха / память и попытаться сделать менее 1-2 ошибки. Если вам это удалось, открыть третью часть.
4. Воспроизвести все части с альбома, как вторая часть.

Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать о ваших прогресс!

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24 Jun 2012 19:40 #4619 by lzp11
Hi Hellene

This is a fun and interesting new game!
I had a try with the first 3 pieces in the album.

My scores were
Lullaby (forgot to record first two attempts), 3rd try LH 31/31 t8

Ducklings (all LH)
1 - 10/16 t13
2 - 12/16 t9
3 - 11/16 t8
4 - 16/16 t7

1 - 26/32 t16
2 - 27/32 t10
3 - 31/32 t4

After a few attempts then i seem able to learn the chords - but I am working on really trying to hear the music and then remember when playing it back, it would be good to be able to play from ear rather than just learning what the pattern is after a few attempts!

I will keep going through the album (although I'm off on holiday for two weeks next week so I may not get much practice in!)

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05 Jul 2012 10:07 - 05 Jul 2012 10:12 #4778 by andreasro
Hi Hellene!

Here's what I've seen about the 3 elephants:

Unknown author/ New Year’s Tree: Tonic – Do and Sol (two brothers), Dominant – Fa (a brother and a sister) and Sol, Sub-Dominant – Fa and La (two sisters)
Beethoven/ Ode To Joy: Tonic – Do and Sol, Dominant – Fa and Sol
French Folklore/French Song: Tonic – Do and Sol, Dominant – Fa and Sol
James Pierpont/Jingle Bells: Tonic – Do and Sol, Dominant – Fa and Sol, Sub-Dominant – Fa and La
Leonid Bekman/The Small Fir Tree: Tonic – Sol and Re, Dominant – Do and Re, Sub-Dominant – Do and Mi
Hot Cross Buns/Folklore: Tonic – Do and Sol, Dominant – Fa and Sol

The Tonic and Sub-Dominant are clear and pleasant sounds, while Dominant is a little unclear and a bit annoying, maybe because they're a brother and a sister :lol:

The way I see it, in the note family, one note in Tonic is always to the left of Dominant notes.

As for the second game - that I like very much- when I tried to follow your steps and went through all the songs in the album. I had to read it two times though, as I wasn't paying attention at your advice for the first time I read it - I could hardly wait to begin as the children were sleeping :))

When alone in the room, it was fine, I made no mistakes in less than 3 attempts to play a song and the time was less than 6 or even 0.
But when trying to do the same thing with the kids around, it was hard. I need silence in the room to find the suitable chords either from memory or from logic/feeling. Otherwise, I even had to make more than 3-4 attempts to play it right.
I'll keep practicing when possible, it's a fun game and very useful, I like it very much.

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