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× Summer 2012 Curriculum

Summer fun: Solfeggio, Chords And Ear Training

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11 Jul 2013 00:24 #11447 by CJ
This helped us a lot. Thank you for it. I took four of the kids, my husband and I through all but one of the Introductory Songs and then the Solfeggio C Major songs and had them play the chords and move on after two or less mistakes. Even one of my five year olds did fantastic playing the chords with her left hand through all of the songs. This opened up a lot to us. My nine year old, 13 year old and my husband all learned to read sheet music (treble and bass) and play it in about 30 minutes while doing this exercise! It simplified things a lot. My husband was amazed and chuckled at how easy it was to learn to read music (his first attempt).

I had the Introductory and then Solfeggio Major C 1 Chords songs on Gentle Piano on the beginner mode, which shows the flower buds opening for each note, through all the songs and I said "Tonic," "Dominant" or "Sub-Dominant" as appropriate for each chord as it came up to lock it in their minds as they played. Then with a couple of the last songs in the Solfeggio C Major 1 chords folder I progressed the 9 and 13 year olds and my husband through the various levels/presentations of the music (beginning vertical went horizontal, then to note symbols, then to partial sheet music then to full sheet music). I don't know why we didn't do this sooner but it made it so clear to play those same chords through all those songs then go through ALL the modes in one simple song, like Gray Goose, and see how easy it is to read music and play. My husband put both hands together easily and the boys easily did individual hands and are working on playing both at once.

Thank you again for this! This one exercise really jumpstarted their understanding and skills. Looking forward to learning and familiarizing us with more chords.


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23 Aug 2014 21:33 #15773 by adeline.hritcu

here is a short description of our experience this summer: we practiced all ths songs from sight reading album, first level by playing the whole album during one lesson every song 1-2 times until the time was reasonable, and exercising different levels from 3-5.
Heidi was doing this really great in no time. Hannah as she does most of the things she takes her time and still is easily distracted by everything else, so for her it took more than 30mins and we could not finish the whole album.

Another exercise that we did is the one with Chords for ear training. First 3 lessons we did the C major album and Heidi managed all of the songs even the first time by playing each song with less than 3 mistakes in tops 3 tries, except for one song that always troubled her: Poppies. She needed more tries and had more mistakes with this song, also in different keys.
After mastering C major with just one try for each song we also practiced G major chords and F major chords. We had a try for minor chords, but it seemed a lot more difficult.
Heidi says she invented a new game using these albums: she start the song by pressing "S" and she plays it left hand without looking at the same pace together with the computer....this shows that her time is good :)

This is not much activity on our side since we were also away from home quite a few weeks without a computer, phone, piano nor internet connection.

Next week the girls will be with their grandparents and they will be doing the solfegio exercise with the flashcards and videos.

Looking fwd to september starting a new school year. Happy vacation till than!
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28 Aug 2014 17:55 #15824 by camilamancia
Hi Adeline,

We want to say that we like your persistence. It is always good to practice a little bit, even in summer time.

Everyone has its own pace of learning, so we don't worry about that. Consistency will make all of you good musicians as you have showed us so far.

We are looking forward to September as well!
Have a great rest of your summer,

Soft Mozart Team
(Camila Mancia - assistant)

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