"Soft Way to Mozart" is a perfect tool for learning music and piano at home or at a piano studio with or without a piano teacher.

We’ve developed a unique way of creating and improving your child’s piano skills from the beginning level to very advanced.

Start and stick with our "Soft Way to Mozart" curriculum to learn to play many interesting songs, develop your piano and sight-reading technique thoroughly.

If music education is getting squeezed out of schools, if we have ups and downs in our economy, it does not mean that you have no other alternatives. We’ve created a unique collection of music pieces that are beautiful and nurture your child’s musical growth.

With our visual and interactive ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum in just a couple of months beginners from 6 to 12 years old will be able to master the following skills:

  • Will be able to play several essential piano exercises using 2 hands.
  • Will be able to distinguish piano keys with the help of the Guess Key game with visual support of piano stickers or piano key guides or without.
  • Will learn to play at least 5-6 piano pieces by looking at the score and by memory using 2 hands with chords.
  • Will be able to sight-read at least 2-3 piano albums (Primer, First level) using both hands
  • Will be able to pick up chords to selected melodies by ear in Major and Minor.
  • Will be able to learn most basic music theory with our games
  • Will be constantly exposed to an extended library of the best classical and contemporary pieces that he/she will be able not just listen to, but also interact with.

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