With our piano learning software and curriculum you can learn to play piano before your baby is even born!

In our song library, we have Nursery rhymes and extended classical pieces that you will be able to play for your kids before and after their delivery.

Remember: the education of your baby starts with yours!
By subscribing to our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum you will be able to achieve the following milestones just in couple of weeks:

  • You will be able to play several pieces by heart from the following albums: ‘Nursery songs – 1 Level’, ‘Favorite Classics – 1 Level’ or ‘Christmas Carols -1 Level’
  • You also will be able to sight-read (to play from the music score on the fly and to sing) most of the pieces from ‘Nursery Songs Primer Level’ or ‘Favorite Classics Primer Level’. It will drastically improve your abilities to play piano and sing the songs that your baby will love. You will become his/her first music teacher!
  • You will learn to play piano exercises that will help to establish your initial piano technique. You will be able to pass these exercises on to your child. You must remember that fine motor skill development is extremely important for small children. The exercises that we’ve selected for our curriculum are very useful not only for music, but also for the intellectual development of your child.
  • We will teach you to work with our Flash Cards; we’ll share our secrets of teaching very young students at home: music appreciation, ear training music games, moving with music and preparation for learning piano before 24 months.

Sign up for our online curriculum to become a musically literate parent. We’ll show you how and help you on your way. Follow this link  https://www.pianolearningsoftware.com/Software_c_34.html to start your exciting music learning experience!