We accelerate the progress of your students in reading music notes.

Teaching someone how to play the piano and read music is not easy.  It has also become less and less financially rewarding.

We live in a world today where live music is getting replaced by digital, and piano lessons are not as popular as they were just a decade ago.

Beginners can’t manage all 10 fingers and can’t even coordinate both hands simultaneously. But when it comes to video games, they spend hours to master their fine motor skills and coordination. Unfortunately, when they are playing games, they see a fantastic visual, interactive virtual world. But when teachers place sheet music in front of them, they see dull, boring circles that we call “music notes.”  The difference is so huge that most of them lose their enthusiasm right before our eyes.

We’re used to saying:  “Practice makes perfect.”  And in order to build one or two simple skills, a piano teacher is often limited to the mechanical repetition of the same words and phrases. Until our students become fluent sight-readers and technical piano players, we are working mostly as interpreters between music text, piano keys and the minds of our students. Generally speaking we act like an interactive computer program, human “spell check,” and pointer for our beginners to look at the right place and press the right key at the right time.

With these problems in mind, our company has come up with a simple solution, “Soft Way to Mozart,” that can make the teaching profession more appreciated and rewarding.  As a part of this system, we’ve developed interactive sheet music – Gentle piano™.   In the classroom or at home, this system can help any student understand music notation while they enjoy the excitement of a visual, interactive videogame.  The complete “Soft Way” system provides a strong, gradual 10-year curriculum that covers the development of piano students of any age (from 24 months) to elementary and on to secondary school levels.

The tools we have created do not dismiss you as a teacher. They just lessen the labor (the tedious and repetitive part of your work) giving you more time to concentrate on the most important and interesting things: you can focus on helping your student create a diverse repertoire, share your trade secrets of piano technique, and “put the cherry on top” of the ice cream sundae.

“Soft Way to Mozart” is an irreplaceable tool in the class of any piano or music teacher. It can be used in private or group sessions and, even better, in the homes of your students to help with their assignments.

Currently this unique innovation is being used in public and music schools, piano studios and households in 48 different countries. Our approach has been approved by Ministry of Education of UK and is endorsed by Moscow and Madrid State Conservatories. The invention is not in conflict with traditional ways of teaching music. If you use Grand Staff in your lessons, our system is a perfect fit for you.

On this website, we invite you to become a member of our global “Soft Mozart” community. What does membership mean?

  • After becoming our certified teachers you will be able to make money by simply helping our subscribers with their homework.  Our GentlePiano™ teaches them to play notes – YOU are going to help them to play music. We have created a place where students and teachers can meet and share their music experience and expertise. We are going to pay you for that.
  • Today we have many requests from different states and even countries for piano teachers who have “Soft Mozart” training. As a participant in our community, you will get new students online or at your local studio.
  • We’ll provide you with all our materials and tools that will enhance your teaching experience.
  • By using these tools, you will be able to teach students from age 24 months on up, in small and large groups and you won’t be even tired at the end of the day!

The world around us is constantly changing.  It’s time for us to change also.

So why wait? Get the copy of our software http://pianolearningsoftware.com/ of our and “Soft Way to Mozart” curriculum and subscribe!

“Soft Way to Mozart” – music and piano learning curriculum of 21st century welcomes you.