There exists a good old saying: there is no limit to perfection. We agree.

Our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum is built for improving your music sight-reading skills, ear training, music memory and piano technique. With the help of our software, you will be able to learn music pieces much more quickly than from traditional sheet music.

Moreover, while practicing you will be able to monitor your success level in precise numbers. You will be made aware of where are you making mistakes, how to fix them and how to avoid them in the future.

Also, our unique program will help you to expand your educational horizons and become one of our ‘Soft Mozart’ educators in future. We believe that the amount of ‘Soft Mozart’ students will rapidly grow globally and the need for educated musicians with expertize about our invention will be huge in the close future.
Here a list of skills that you will be able to improve and master with our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum in just a couple of months with us:

  • Music sight-reading. You will have enough time to improve your skills in sight-reading piano albums of different levels of difficulties. With the help of our visual and interactive sheet music – Gentle Piano™ – and especially with our precise scoring system you will receive exact information about the mistakes that you make as well as how to avoid them in the future. It will also help you to see how you are progressing in exact numbers.
  • Learning piano pieces for recitals and performances. In our library you will be able to find piano pieces for your piano recitals. Using our unique visual and interactive sheet music  Gentle Piano will accelerate the process of learning the pieces drastically (if it takes several months to learn such pieces from paper sheet music, with our invention you will be able to learn the same piece in days)
  • Ear training. We’ll teach you how to use our interactive piano learning software to learn to write music dictations, differentiate intervals and chords, play and transpose melodies and chords to them in scales with up to 3 sharps or flats. Our music and piano learning software and curriculum are also capable of training you to recognize music notes by their exact pitch.  Yes, perfect pitch is developed with the use of our program.
  • Music pedagogy. In just one semester we will also be able to teach you the full curriculum of our system for beginner students.  It will help you to become a teacher for your younger relatives, friends or neighbors.

Why wait?

Sign up here to join our Soft Mozart graduate community to sharpen your music education and experience. Buy our software package now http://pianolearningsoftware.com/ and enjoy our curriculum.