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Виктория, сколько Еве лет?


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taz93438 wrote: Hellene, My membership is month to month . Do you mean if i have all the programs gentle piano, fruit lines, nothe alphabet, note duration, treble...?
Yes i have them all. Ty very much for your help..

Our teacher Victoria created the files for your songs. Did you see her reply?
Download the attachment, unzip it and add to your Gentle Piano Library
Win: Disc C - Program files (X86) - Do Re Mi Fa Soft - Soft Mozart - Songs
Mac: Soft Mozart folder - Songs
Add the LMZ file(s) into the Songs folder in one of the Albums or create a new folder for your songs
Open Gentle Piano, find the folder and new songs


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Do you already have the full version of the program?
We are going ask our teachers, if they can help!


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Можно удалить?


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Прекрасные результаты? Это Дневник Прогресса девочки?


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Добро пожаловать!
Переношу Ваш дневник в соответствующий раздел: обучение педагогов.


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Елена Владимировна! Чудесная девочка! Это дневник? Здесь другая секция. Куда перенести?


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Dear teachers, students and parents of the of the Soft Mozart Academy!

Our Winter Academic Concert 2019 - 2020 "Butterfly Ball" is officially opened.


Who can participate?

Any student of the Soft Mozart Academy from 2 year old to adults.

What piano pieces to play?
Any of those that you have learned or read during the semester - with or without the Program.

Is it necessary to have entries in the topic “Personal Diaries” about following the curriculum for the semester to participate in the concert?

Your entries in the "Personal Diaries" are not required to participate in the Winter Academic Concert. You can continue to meet all the requirements of the curriculum and keep records at your pace to complete the Academic Standings in May-June 2020.

The purpose of this concert is: to inspire as many people as possible to learn piano and music, perform as many pieces as possible and get a butterfly for each piece. The most important task is to enjoy the performance of music and share the joy of your work with others.

How many pieces are needed to participate in the concert?
It is completely up to you! As much as you want!

Do all pieces have to be memorized?
No. Participation is the most important goal of this recital!

Do I have to play by heart or by notes?

It is completely up to you!
Attention: dress code is festive. Suits and ties for boys, elegant dresses for girls are welcome.

What do you need to do to participate?

1. Get ready.
2. Make one video for each piece.
3. Videos must be published on your You Tube channel.

Publishing your video on YouTube

Please put in the title of your video the following information
Soft Mozart Recital 2019-2020: Name of the child (age) name of the piece, name of the composer

Example: Soft Mozart Recital: John (5) plays 'French Song' by unknown author

In the description, put the following and only this information: The name of the child began to study music with the program "Soft Mozart" *** months / years ago. This is the first (second, third and so on) performance. Teacher (teacher’s name) or home schooling with mom / dad. No further information in the description is needed.

tags: soft mozart academy, butterfly ball 2019-2020, the name of the teacher if this is relevant, the name of the song, the name of the composer

Follow this link to see how to make videos on YouTube www.softmozart.com/forum/12-technical-qu...os-on-our-forum.html

3. Rules of the posting in our forum:

1. Click the green NEW TOPIC button here www.softmozart.com/forum/recital-13.html

2. Write the name of the participant, age and country in the title of the topic.

3. You can create and publish a beautiful photo of the child at the beginning of the topic. This is not necessary, but practice has shown that it wins attention of watchers.

4. Place one video by copy pasting from the YouTube window. Under the video link, put the name of the piano piece and composer.

5. After the publication of the first video, click on Quick Reply. In the new window, put the second video. And so on

6. The last day of publication of links to the video January 31th of 2020 .

7. Let all your friends and acquaintances know that you are a participant in the concert and give a link to your page with your performances.

8. Watch the videos of other participants, praise them and congratulate with the performance! (We all need love and support!)
The Soft Mozart team will collect you butterflies for each piece you perform for us!

After the end of the concert, all our gifts will be sent to you! Follow our announcements: we will ask you to send us your full shipping address and information about the number of butterflies after all the necessary ceremonies and reviews.

You can record a video speech to all participants of the Butterfly Ball. For this, the Queen Tonic will send you an additional butterfly or even a few, or maybe a whole gift!

We wish you a good performance!

Contact us with any questions! We are here to help you!

Please do not publish personal details of participants: last name, city of residence, address. Use only names or nicknames.