Learning to play keyboard/piano and read music is a complicated task. Dealing with sheet music can be a ‘deal breaker’. With the assistance of a piano teacher or without, you’re working 1 on 1 with ‘user unfriendly’ music interface most of the time. Is there any possible way to make your personal relationship with sheet music less trying?

We think that technology can come to the rescue. If you are reading this on a computer screen, you already know that technology is becoming ever more important in our lives. Today, we communicate by sending emails, texting, and IM-ing, (using spell check, when we need it.) To read on the computer, we use different print sizes based on our visual abilities.

We, the creators of “Soft Mozart,” wanted to give all learners and musicians similar “options” for dealing with sheet music. With our invention, any child or adult, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student – anyone who needs to use sheet music - can see every move previously made or about to be made. You can also see the results of your performance in exact figures.

We then went beyond that by visually explaining the notes with colors, shapes and animation. Thus, if you try to play a piece and find yourself making too many mistakes, you can simply go one grade lower and add more visual support. This is what we call Gentle Piano™ a visual, interactive presentation of the Grand Staff that helps you to develop your keyboard/piano and music skills.

Our unique and effective approach in presenting sheet music will serve you for years as a means of learning keyboard/piano and playing music.

We have also developed a curriculum that will help you to grow from a very elementary to a very advanced level. You don’t have to be musically inclined to start learning with us. We will build up all of your skills and talents from scratch. If you can see, hear something and press a piano key with at least one finger, you are a perfect candidate for our program. Our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum will help you to become a true musician. All what you have to do is… practice.

Like many others, we believe that practice makes perfect. But with our ‘Soft Way to Mozart,’ it is going to be a different type of practice: you won’t have to spend time on tedious drills – you get to make music from the very first minute with our curriculum, play hundreds of beautiful pieces and with that constant ‘hands on’ experience, your practice will bring more fruitful results.

This website is here to help you to succeed. By registering and becoming a member, you are becoming a part of our ‘Soft Mozart’ community. On this website, you can meet with learners like you and with professional music teachers around the globe, who will guide you through the process of learning, will share their experience with you and will answer all of your questions.

We are very excited to have you on board. We want to see your success and the success of your children, grandchildren, students and friends with our curriculum. We want you to share the story of your experience with ‘Soft Way to Mozart’: feel free to post your audio and video recordings in our forum for all of our community to see, or just for a couple of your friends and/or teachers.

Speaking of teachers… Here, on our website you can pick a teacher from our list and communicate directly with him/her. This teacher will be your personal mentor and will be personally responsible for your music development. You don’t have to pay anything extra for such support. All we want is for you to be successful and spread the word about our invention, which we believe has to be in every school or household.

You may register here to become our member. It is free and absolutely safe. We are not going to share your personal information with anybody. Let the fun and exciting experience of learning music and piano begin!

Here you may buy your 'Soft Mozart' Package your ‘Soft Mozart’ package to start you learning experience right now.