Making music with your own hands, playing with a band, at a party, or just by yourself, when you feel like it… Isn’t it the coolest thing ever? Videogames are fun and entertaining, but they don’t teach you much. You see a lot of action on computer monitor; virtual characters are getting moved on screen, when you push just a couple of buttons on the controller for your Playstation. But when the game is over, what do you get from it? We’ve got a different game for you: you won’t see a lot of animation on the screen, but your own fingers and your mind will go through a lot of exciting and quite unusual adventures.

On our website, you can meet people like you and compete with them on how many songs you can commit to memory or to sight read with help of our visual and interactive Gentle Piano and guess what? By participating in THIS ‘game’ you are going to get a very valuable and solid education! We don’t believe that the buttons of a video game joystick and real keys of the real piano have equal value, especially in consideration of your future.
Our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum is built for creating and improving your music sight-reading skills, ear training, music memory and piano technique. With the help of our software you will be able to learn music pieces much more quickly than from traditional sheet music.

Moreover, while practicing you will be able to monitor your progress in precise numbers. You will be made aware of where you make mistakes, how to fix them and how to avoid them in the future. You will be able to compare your score with other members of our teen community, place the video of your personal performance for others to see, participate in different contests and help others to make music literacy a part of everybody’s life.

Also, our unique program will help you to expand your educational horizons to become one of our ‘Soft Mozart’ leaders in future.

Even with your busy schedule with school and other activities in less than 6 months of subscription to our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum you will learn how to read music and play piano.

With our curriculum, the average teenager will be able to learn 5-6 piano pieces of any difficulty by personal choice. We noticed that beginners of your age are ambitious enough to set any goal to achieve it when motivated. This is why we don’t pre-specify albums or pieces that you can learn with our curriculum in several months. Amaze us!

  • You also will be able to sight-read (to play from the music score and to sing) most of the pieces from our Primer and First (Second? Third?) Level albums.
  • We will also teach you how to pick out the right chords to melodies in Major and Minor. It will help you to pick up popular songs’ chords quickly by ear in the future on the piano and later on guitar. Believe us, this skill is not ‘rocket science’!
  • In less than 6 months, our curriculum will introduce you to writing down simple melodies in C Major and A Minor. This is also very helpful skill if you want to compose your own music one day.
  • You will be able to learn to play 2-3 essential piano exercises using both hands to in order to establish and develop your piano technique.
  • You will learn Treble and Bass Clef notes; recognize all the keys of all octaves and with little effort will be able to play all of our theory games in at least one system of choice (Do Re Mi or C D E)

Sign up here to join our Soft Mozart graduate community to sharpen your music education and experience. Buy our software package now  http://pianolearningsoftware.com/to start your exciting journey with us!