We’ll help your child to learn piano and become a smarter student in the future.

"Soft Way to Mozart" is a unique interactive curriculum that intensely develops your child's ability to play piano using both hands from the very start.

Our innovative computer games will not only develop your child's ear for music, but also his fine motor skills, coordination, attention span and the ability to focus.

In less than a year of subscription with our ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum your child will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Will be able to play 2-3 basic piano exercises (Hanon #1, Chromatic scale, C Major triads or C Major in opposite motion) at least with separate hands.
  • Will be able to assemble scales from 4-5 different notes.
  • Will be able to distinguish the 7 piano keys of different octaves.
  • Will be able to play at least 4-5 pieces of Primer and 1 Level by each or 2 hands by heart and with notes.
  • Will be able to play interactive theory games that improve eye-hand coordination, ability to focus and develop music ear.
  • Will be able to pick up chords to different melodies in Major and Minor.
  • Will be able to recognize music notes of Treble and Bass Clef
  • Will be constantly exposed to extended library of the best classical and contemporary pieces that he/she will be able not just listen to, but also interact with.

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