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Hellene Hiner starts her reviews on 'Butterfly Ball' 2019 (16 Feb 2019)

Author of the method will be reviewing every performance.

Soft Mozart Academy ( Академия, Academia) 2236 topics

This is the place for our learning guidelines. Это - место для руководства по обучению. Este es el lugar donde aprenderas nuestras guias-ayudas para usar en el teclado.
Scientific resources. Научные источники

This is the section dedicated to our recitals

Re: Margarita, 9 yo, Russia.
by hellene
22 Mar 2019 14:00

Teaching Videos 27 topics

Here we are going to place videos to help you with 'polishing' your pieces.

by hellene
11 Aug 2018 12:01

Lesson plans 6 topics

Here will be lesson plans and our guidelines for 12 months of learning for each level.

Re: Level 1
by bella
09 Oct 2018 09:46
Здесь русскоговорящие пользователи смогут найти учебные планы, чтобы следовать им в течение учебного года

Re: Уровень 1
by hellene
28 Jun 2016 08:25

Plan de estudios 6 topics

Plan de estudios

Re: Nivel 3
by hellene
21 May 2015 08:57
The place for those, who wants to get a Diploma

Re: Kiya 8yrs Australia
by kmt7
19 Mar 2019 04:37
The "Share Forum" is a forum where you can share all your videos, songs and files.

Summer Curriculum 10 topics

Soft Mozart at summer - learning to create, pick up right chords for different melodies, fun games and more

by Olga Egorova
18 Oct 2017 02:50
Здесь педагоги и учащиеся могут оставлять свои рецензии об Академии Софт Моцарт

Soft Mozart Academy ( Академия, Academia)
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