Music Vision International develops, produces, and distributes music education software globally. MVI offers the software to customers via an on line interactive experience as well as via CD-ROM retail purchase. In addition, MVI licenses the ‘Soft Mozart’ Software and ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ learning curriculum to music educators and schools globally

Soft Mozart is a unique and innovative learning curriculum that was developed from more than 30 years of research focused on the most effective ways to teach students to play piano and read music.  The patented and copyrighted teaching method makes piano learning and music reading natural, comfortably gradual, highly interactive and entertaining. It immediately immerses students in enjoyable video games that simultaneously and very subtly introduce the Grand Staff, sparing students from dull lectures and long explanations of music theory

To complement the Soft Mozart music education software program, MVI developed the ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ learning curriculum which has a proven and outstanding track record of success.   The most prestigious music conservatory in the world, founded by Peter Tchaikovsky, agrees. The Moscow Conservatory recently issued a book for educators, ‘How To Teach Solfeggio In The 21st Century’.

MVI’s Grand Staff elementary simplification invention derived from data that had been collected during 10 years of program testing and performance enhancement.  The ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum is being taught in several colleges and universities in Russia and Spain as a new subject that every future educator should know. Currently, the Soft Mozart program has been sold in 48 countries and is being used by music educators in at least 14 countries.

The ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum has been successfully used to teach piano to children all over the world. It assures the development of a solid musical background for beginners and offers a powerful way for advanced students to further improve and enhance their skills. Perhaps the most important aspect of the ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ Learning Curriculum is that it does not heavily require a music teacher to lead the program.  Anyone who can use a computer can help beginners learn to play piano and read music.  For children younger than five, a trained adult is recommended to set up and log onto the computer.