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Country Girl


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We are back on the forum after a bit of a break. We needed to take a few months break from piano but we are back again playing daily and Elissa is learning:
Country Girl - from Boogie 1

She has also been playing guess key - latest score 171 in a time of 173

We would really like some suggestions for her next pieces to try!

Thank you

{actor} What is all this with school strikes?! Hmmm.... Have a voucher for willows farm I may need to keep us occupied!

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Nearly ready for the recital - yay!!

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hellene Me too...) 8 years ago

Really happy to be starting to learn a new piece of music

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Realy appreciate all the support on this wonderful forum

just getting up the nerve to post a video of myself playing...!!!

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Has a never-ending bug - yuk!

{actor} So now on to make one or two more powerpoints ;-)

Keep smiling and carry on!