Soft Mozart Modules help make learning theory and ear training fun and effective.

Our “Soft Way to Mozart” curriculum features unique computer modules that assist you in many ways. Our “Soft Mozart Piano” modules system allows us to simplify one aspect to improve the others.

An ancient, natural way of teaching but using the Computer! The computer can do what no teacher can - tirelessly, immediately, and precisely reacting to the activities of the student. This makes it an excellent means of education. Our program deeply "digs" into the process of training and and gives immediate scoring actions and valuable feedback.
Meeting with the student once or twice a week, an instructor shouldn’t have to deal with repetition. Too often, however, the student’s inability to read music brings lessons to a dead stop. Still, such a student has to practice somehow forcing some teachers to give up and act as "drill instructors."

What our music modules can do for you. You will be make tremendous improvements with:

  • recognizing any key in any octave, with your eyes closed!
  • determining any line or space of the Grand Staff on the fly,
  • recognizing any music note on the Grand Staff,
  • determining the notes’ durations quickly in any music piece,
  • performing complicated rhythmical patterns,
  • hearing the perfect pitch of every sound.

Please realize that this is not a complete list of the musical tasks that our Soft Mozart Piano™ software package will help you to accomplish if start practicing with us regularly!

Soft Mozart Piano™ software – is your individual tool. All our software modules work with you individually. They react to your every move, trace it, process the data, and build an exclusive strategy for developing your skills.
This is why our program outperforms many other approaches to teaching piano.

Simple graphics. We don't overload the screen with unnecessary windows. We don't use a mouse - a toddler has a hard time getting the mouse to go where it needs to. It is much more comfortable to select commands through the computer keyboard. Thus, our program teaches adults AND toddlers.
For example, The Note Duration module, will have the student play out the songs using only the computer's “space bar.” Students will learn to play different rhythms, count out loud, and differentiate note lengths. Think of how hard it is to teach a child to play from sheet music while counting rhythm at the same time. Using the computer, the task has been greatly eased by simplifying the coordination of the hands. Thus, the focus is completely directed at the music notation and reading rhythm.
In a similar fashion, the computer keyboard is used to create exercises that allow the beginner to connect the movement of the notes of the music staff with the keys on the piano.


Soft Mozart Piano modules included in your “Soft Way to Mozart” package:

Guess Key. With this interactive module, beginners learn to find a piano key by its note name. For advanced students, this learning software trains the student to find and play any piano key without looking at the piano keyboard.

Note Duration. Teaches the beginner to differentiate musical notes by their time value.

Note Alphabet. This computer module helps the beginner or child to memorize the music note name order. It gives a student the skills needed to relate one note to another and to easily read notes in any forward or backward sequences.

Fruit Lines. Learning note names for any line or space of the Bass and Treble staves becomes easier for the beginner with this colorful software program and improves sight reading and ear training.

Treble Staff Puzzle. This computer module helps a beginner to learn and memorize the position of any music note on the Treble staff.

Bass Staff Puzzle. This module helps the beginner to learn and memorize the position of any music note on the Bass staff. Fun learning software improves music reading skill and provides ear training.