How to get a certificate?

  • Who can be certified? Any music educator with a bachelor’s or higher degree in music.
  • How to start? Contact us directly. If you interested, please, drop us a line or call us.
  • Assignment. We’ll assign your training to one of our teachers worldwide (we teach in English, Spanish and Russian).
  • Get training. Training usually takes about 12 hours and, yes, we are teaching on Skype!
  • Pass the tests. You will have to accomplish all of our Gentle Piano™ games, memorize a couple of piano pieces, and sight-read a couple of piano albums with our Gentle Piano™.
  • Receive the certificate. Upon graduation the certificate will be mailed to your address.

Why do you need a certificate?
By getting trained and certified with “Soft Way to Mozart”® you are becoming a:

  • Member of our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® teacher’s community. We’ll place the information about your studio on our website and send online and local piano students your way. You are going to be paid by us monthly for every online student that you teach through our website.
  • Distributor of our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® packages.  Selling isn’t required, but if you choose to offer our packages to your students, you will get a commission for each transaction made.

Tuition: The cost of the classes will be discussed with teachers individually.  Different business arrangements are available.

Learning agenda:  In this training period, teachers will explore a research-based curriculum proven effective for teaching music sight-reading, music memory, ear-eye training, Solfegio, music dictation, eye-hand coordination development and overall music instrument (piano/keyboard) playing.

We have collected and analyzed the data about the formation, development and mastering of piano skills and are willing to share the information with you to improve your knowledge in music pedagogy.

We believe that the music teacher of the 21st century has to be not just musically educated, but also technically equipped. Sheet music, a metronome and an acoustic piano are not the winners in the competition with computer games, internet or laptops.  The students of the 21st century are used to finding the answers to their questions instantly, and they want to work on skills only if the experience is exciting to them throughout the process. We’ll help you to deliver this excitement in your class. Buy our software now http://pianolearningsoftware.com/collections/group-license/products/teacher-training to start your teaching experience with us!