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Recitals - Академ концерты Winter - Summer 2437 topics

This is the section dedicated to our recitals
Here is the place for all the participants to publish their video performances.

Re: Maxim (9) Russia
by hellene
05 Apr 2021 11:29
Here is the place for posting your graduation performances.

Recital #15 Winter 'Butterfly Ball' 2019-2020

Re: Savelii, 3 y.o., Russia
by Ната
04 Sep 2020 12:44
Recital #14 Graduation 2018-2019

The place for our Soft Mozart graduation recital

Welcome! Start your own topic and place the links to the YouTube videos. If you are going to have many videos, use REPLY button. Don't duplicate topics with the same participant!

Russia, Alisa(6)
by Наталья777
14 Jun 2020 05:54
Recital #10 Graduation 2016-2017

Winter 'Butterfly Ball' 2016-2017

International recital #8. Graduation 2015-2016

Our 2015-2016 'Butterfly Ball'. Please, read the rules before posting!

International Recital #4 Graduation 2013-2014

Marie, 4 years, UK
by missflute
30 Jun 2016 13:07
Recital #5 'Winter Butterfly Ball'

Re: So proud!
by Lorde
02 Jun 2015 15:27
Place for your video performances

Here is the place, where you can share your performances with us. Just load you videos on You Tube, copy the link in window browser and past it in your topic.

Please, place videos of your performances here

Please, place videos of your performances here!

Re: Jairus 3 yrs old, Singapore
by linzy
14 Mar 2013 06:49

Recitals - Академ концерты May,Mayo, Май
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