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Elephant Learning Math Academy that Soft Mozart partnered with has been featured on news several times and here is the most recent review of the academy by 9news



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In the last few weeks, soft mozart been introduced to a new platform that pairs so well with Soft Mozart. When used together, it is a powerful combination to teach your child not only Music but mathematics as well! I want to introduce you to Elephant Learning Math Academy, we’ve decided to partner to help bring effective learning strategies that work in tandem. Research shows that children that play an instrument tend to do better at mathematics, and children that do more mathematics do better at ALL subjects! They are better readers, writers, speakers, and problem solvers!

The Elephant Learning Math Academy is the only learning institution that offers a guarantee on results. On average children within their system learn 1.5 years of math in 10 weeks with usage of just 30 minutes per week! They deliver these results by providing proven activities written by early age education experts exactly at your child’s level. The right activity at the right time accelerates learning. They provide the parent with detailed reports on how children are doing and advice on activities that you can do with your child outside of the software to help accelerate the learning even further! They even can look at the data and help you if children are struggling or do not want to play for any reason. They are so effective they guarantee that your child will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months if they use the system 30 minutes per week.