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Our Wonderful Experience with Soft Mozart

18 Oct 2021 14:39 #42167 by JulieRamirez
I just wanted to leave a review here because we have had a wonderful year using Soft Mozart and are happily starting our second year. We really wanted our children to learn piano but did not have the budget for piano lessons . I taught our oldest for 3 years (from when he was 3-6), on and off, some of the things I knew from my piano lessons. He could play a little, but he did not like to move his hands from the Middle C position or to play chords.

We bought Soft Mozart 3 year pack on one of their back to school deals. It seemed like a lot of money, but we decided to try it. Now my husband thinks that we probably underpaid for what we got. We got songs, games, flashcards, personal help from e-mails on the forum, recitals, etc. My one complaint with the program last year was that although there were lesson plans, they were a little hard to follow. This year we were so happy to see that Soft Mozart has completely updated the lesson plans. They are very well written, very helpful and we really appreciate the videos to show us how to do exercises, etc. Every week we go on and see what we need to do next. The children are more willing to do it because "The Lessons" say we need to do it. The children are motivated to have videos of other children doing the same songs and exercises and don't want to get behind. They also like the Butterfly Ball and Graduation Recital a lot. It makes them feel part of a music community and that we are not just doing this on our own.

Our children's music skills have soared since we started the program. Within a few weeks, our oldest (age 8 ) was playing in different positions, and playing chords happily with no problem. Our second (age 6) started piano with the program and took off. He never had the fear of moving from Middle C position. Right away the program had him playing chords and moving his hands around the keyboard.

We are really amazed at how well the boys play and how much fun we have as a family with the program. My husband decided to brush up on his piano skills and learn a few pieces with the children. We are going to start our two year old on the program soon.

Thank you so much to everyone at Soft Mozart for this program and music community.
Julie Ramirez
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18 Oct 2021 15:24 - 18 Oct 2021 15:25 #42170 by hellene
Julie, thank you very much for your wonderful review, It gave me goosebumps!
For years I was building this program on my piano teacher income with no financial help or support. I was under fire of "traditional" teachers community, banned from groups on facebook, rediculed and ignored.
At the same time I observed hundreds of kids flourishing in music and academics with my approach. It was helping a lot to keep going.
A little by little the best of the best professionals from different countries joined me. They are the best, because their priority is learners. They have to pay for software too, because in order to keep it alive we have to invest in it every day. They - our educators - are willing to invest in their profession in order to deliver better results.
Your review inspire all of us - our team - to keep working and mastering this method. After 20 years of observation we see: it is safe, productive and useful.
Together - teachers and parents like you - we can spread the good news in our hard time: music education for kids is improved,
Sincerely yours,
Hellene Hiner

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