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Hellene Hiner starts her reviews on 'Butterfly Ball' 2019 (16 Feb 2019)

Author of the method will be reviewing every performance.

× Recital #13 Winter 'Butterfly Ball'2018-2019

Ari, 4, US

09 Jan 2019 22:59 #31454 by dezalex
Ari, 4, US was created by dezalex
Here is Ari playing Ode to Joy.

Ode to Joy, Beethoven
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11 Jan 2019 05:04 #31480 by Аким
Replied by Аким on topic Ari, 4, US
Ari, great job!!!
You are very beautiful! :)

With respect,
Galina, Russia.
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17 Feb 2019 19:31 #32484 by hellene
Replied by hellene on topic Ari, 4, US
Dear Ari,

Thank you very much for your participation in our recital - the 'Butterfly Ball' - 2019!

I watched your video and noticed how beautiful and smart you are!

You learned how to focus and read 2 notes at a time, shift your eye-focus to the corresponding keys and press them simultaneously.

You are very attentive and developed your ability to concentrate a lot!

Way to go, girl!

I see that you enjoy music lessons and it makes me very happy!

Did you or your mom watched other performances? Did you leave some nice words for them? I would be interested to know your opinion too. If you still didn't get a chance, be sure to do it! It is FUN!

In the meantime, we will prepare you a parcel from Texas - butterflies and a certificate.

Please, send us a request for the number of butterflies and the shipping address. The best mailing address for the communication is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much to your wonderful mom who prepared you for the concert and made your performance possible. Your dress is adorable and appearance is classy.

Many thanks to your parents who care about your musical education.

We look forward to your new performances!

With love,

Hellene Hiner

Queen Tonic and all residents of the Kingdom of Tune join me in the congratulations!

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