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The Best Child-Instructor Of The "Butterfly Ball" - 2022

27 Jan 2022 03:01 - 27 Jan 2022 03:14 #43021 by hellene


Dear friends, colleagues, parents and students!
The main prize of this "Butterfly Ball" - 2022 is 1000 US dollars.

This amount will be awarded to the best student of the Soft Mozart Academy conducting teaching practice at the Butterfly Ball 2021-2022.

We ask you to carefully look at all the participants blogs and express your opinion:

Which of the participants proved to be...

- a child passionate about pedagogy
- able to clearly explain to his/her students what and how to play the piano and read music
- giving his/her students the opportunity to play an extensive repertoire
- cheerful and resourceful
- showed the greatest care and empathy
- showed good dynamics in teaching his/her students
- having more students involved in his/her teaching practice

Please post your comments in this thread.

We'd love to hear from you so we can make the final decision!

We ask you to write only reasoned opinions, and we accept only positive ones.

The Hiner Method is based on the ability to praise. Remember this!

The deadline of the Nomination is February 20, 2022

Link to the article about the importance of teaching activity for children is HERE

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05 Feb 2022 17:23 #43307 by Camas
I nominate Akim(10) from Russia for his love in teaching with the Soft Mozart method to all his students. Congratulations!!

Here the link of Akim:

The following user(s) said Thank You: Аким, savannah mohini

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09 Feb 2022 02:58 #43421 by savannah mohini
I nominate Akim (10) from Russia for The Best Child-instructor Of The Butterfly Ball 2022

The following user(s) said Thank You: Аким

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20 Feb 2022 09:59 #43513 by hellene

Dear Akim,

It is with great joy we inform you that you have become the Best Child - Instructor of the Butterfly Ball 2022.

You have been with us since early childhood, and all these years we rejoiced at your success as our student. You started out as a toddler, your fingers did not obey you, but you did not give up and followed the music, which always helped you to become better.

The time has come when you could lead others, both children and adults. This means that you have matured, grown stronger and can already make this world a little happier, better and kinder.

Music, especially classical music, has found a reliable protector in you. All those whom you taught to play the piano will never be the same again: they realized that learning to read music is easy and pleasant.

Your example will be contagious for many other children! The time has come to speak openly about this: the love of good music comes from the personal experience of everyone. We all became convinced of this by watching you share your knowledge with everyone who came to your class.

Our special words of gratitude to your mother - teacher Galina, who made learning music with the Soft Mozart program a part of your development from early childhood.

Her path in teaching music and piano was much more difficult, like all of us, those who were taught in the old fashioned way. Your mother was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and learn to teach in a new way, with the help of modern technology. Your mother truly loves you and all her students: she is not afraid of difficulties if she sees that the old does not work and it is difficult for children. She does everything above and beyond that her students and you, Akim, study with joy and effectively. Our big thanks to her!

Many thanks to your grandmother, who turned out to be such a selfless, talented and diligent student. As you can see, people who are young at heart are always ready to learn new things.

We wish you all the best, happiness, joy and success.

We are proud of you! Keep up your hard work!

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The following user(s) said Thank You: Olga Egorova, Аким

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