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Nina, I see time improve, but the notes are not.
Did you try to work on segments?
Do you know how to cut sections?


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longito wrote: Hi every body
My name is Laetitia a young mum of two (Longi 3 1/2 and Libii 2)
I introduced Soft mozart to Longi last year (november 2017) and i was really impressed whith what he was able to learn.
Unfortunaly in march 2018, we started building our home without any help from any professionals and i did not have enought time to help Longi practice his Piano.

Now we still in this project of building a house by ourselves but i decided to manage my time diferently so that i can teach them piano as well as violin. We are also homeschooling.
The most exiting is that i am not good at piano nor at violin.
I just decided that i am going to learn along with them...

I am a entrepreneur and a youtuber since i share my journey of being a stay at home mumpreneur and homeschoolers to inspire others.

I was born in Congo (DRC) and my father is from Angola. I am currently living in France.
I can speak French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Lingala, Kikongo , Italian and I am learning Madarin.
So let's begin this journey together...

You are absolutely outstanding mom, Laetitia! I admire you and your achievements in lif and will help you to become super music educator among all moms!

Let's our journey begin!

Please, try to learn Musette from Fav Classic 1. Let's see what will happen!


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longito wrote: soft mozart academy 2018:2019 Prep C | Laetitia France | Sigth reading ode joy

This is the best achievement!

Your eye-hand-both hands coordination is built. On the top of that you singing the notes solfeggio, BTW, you have beautiful voice!

Right hand is getting better. Left hand's wrist a little low. Excellent results!

Tell me: do you have the access to the full version of the program?

Email me this info at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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longito wrote: soft mozart academy 2018:2019 Prep C | Laetitia France | Marry had a little lamp sigth reading

Laetitia, you have excellent music memory. This is the good news.
It may be on your way to reading music. This is the bad news ;)

Please, practice the piano with notes. Play entire Nursery Album Level 0. Can you? Try visual mode 2, if it won't give you too many mistakes

Wrists. Try to keep them like an arc.

Here is a link to important exercises for your proper hand positions at piano. You will be a pro!



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longito wrote: Having fun

Thank you very much for this video.
You son really drawn towards piano playing. You are setting him a wonderful example!

I would suggest to establish the rule in your home and follow it: for the sake of the harmony one person play - another listens. Unless in future you will learn duets.


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longito wrote: [video]

Thank you very much for sharing this video. You are now on the stage of developing the independence of each finger.
As you noticed during working on the 5 fingers exercise, the 1-2 - 3 fingers - thumb - index and third - are stronger in each hand. 4 and 5 are weak.
I suggest you to fix your wrist first. If you keep the wrist upper, the weight of your entire hand will work for you - not against you.
Second. Do not play fast. You are playing fast because 2 weak fingers don't want to work as hard as 3 strong.
For the same exact reason you play sol 2 times.
Focus on playing slower, please. Make you 4th and 5th work by lifting them one after another
Stop on fifth and do not repeat it. Go back.
Play 2-3 times to develop the independence more thoroughly.


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longito wrote: Hi
I need help
How do you manage to teach one kid at a time without the other trying to call the parent attention.
This behaviour is starting to make this experience stresfull for me...


I understand exactly what you mean. Video also helps.
First of all, please, subscribe to our course for parents about attention span here. Most likely, you already read it, but I suggest to re-read it again to apply to your family situation
It is here

We have to start working on kids focus and your educator's role in the house.

In my lessons for teaching parents I have a lecture "when mom is also a teacher'. It is tricky part since you are a 'care giver' for kids and it takes some trick to convince them that you are also their teacher.

Lesson time should be divided from family time with the bell or another ritual

Tell older child that you are going to teach him and he will be a guide for his brother. When we teach someone, we learn as well. When older child will accept this role, he will grow to be more responsible for younger one.

Younger brother can't be neglected and left alone during the process. Older brother and you have to give his small and manageable assignment: to place cards in order. To wait for his brother to show him the key to press etc.

We need to create harmony before digging into learning more complicated staff. Your kids have to learn to take turns and help each other. No competition. No punishments.

1. What is music and what is noise? Do you have the book? Just tell them that Mr Noise and Mr Headache are friends and they are not welcome in you home. If any of them start banging on the keys, turn the piano off and say: we have to remove Mr Noise and Headache from here. Shhh... Let's hear, if they left the room.

2. Cards. Can you make them large and illuminated? Ask both kids to learn cards with Alphabet song. After that one child can work with cards - another play.

The intervals of interaction with piano keys have to be tiny. Make sure that 1 finger touches 1 key. If not, turn piano off.

Cover the rest of keys and screen. If they protest, stop the lesson. Say that as a teacher you can't work like that. As mom you invite them to do something else

You can't teach anyone, if they don't respect you as teacher. They have to agree to your terms - or else...

Kids love rules. They play outside and create their own rules. The rules in lessons also have to be spelled out.

Teacher #1 - you
Assistant of the teacher #1 - you older son
Student #1 - younger fellow.

Did you read my article about music money as discipline helper? Make them from construction paper in form of flags or butterflies.

Reward for even tiny achievements

1 second quiet? - 1 butterfly
2. Didn't bang on 2 or more keys - 1 butterfly

You have to open your 3rd eye to see these tiny achievements. This is hardest part since we a quick to judge our kids, but miss the moments when they are awesome.

If one kid misbehave, don't say that he is bad. Say another kid: you are so awesome and focus. Let me give you a butterfly for that!

At the end of the 'lesson' ring the bell. Say: let's count how many butterflies did you earn today.
Count. Give them something for tiny reward. Give to both. No lecturing or comparing one with another.

The 'lesson' can be 5 min long! You will increase the time gradually. However, the goal of such lessons should be harmony between three people.

Let me know!



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longito wrote: Longi is back after 6 months away from softmozart.
He did forget some things but i feel like it is just a question of time before he remember everything he have learned so far...

Soft mozart Academy 2018 | Longi 3 Y/o | 5 finger exercise
check out how longi manage to remeber the name of the fingers at the end of the video

Welcome back!
I am very happy to see you in our school!
You are absolutely right^ I see that his control over each finger didn't go away and it is a matter of time to restore it.
Say HI to Longi from Queen Tonic. Do you receive the stories to read from Kingdom of Tune?


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zyrianova wrote: Удивительно, но на моей родине. эта программа неизвестна и я догадываюсь почему).
Я знакомлюсь с вами до сих пор, читаю статьи и ищу все ответы на мои вопросы.
Все мои вопросы связаны с желанием реализовать в своем городе групповые занятия по вашей методике.

Здравствуйте, Ника! Добро пожаловать на наш форум! Наконец-то получилось!
Вы написали, что догадываетесь, почему программа неизвестно. Какое ваше мнение?

Вы же та самая девушка, которая обучается программе сейчас, верно?


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Здравствуйте, Инга!
Это замечательно, когда родители тоже учатся играть. Именно так и задуманна моя методика. Музыка должна и будет объединять поколения, сближать семью, создавать в ней гармонию.
Подписались ли вы на курсы для родителей? Это можно сделать здесь: www.musiceducation2.org/pages/russian

Там все расписано: и как мотивировать ребенка, и как лучше обучать его дома, и как лучше работать над развитием его внимания.

Фотографии можно загрузить на форум. Вы написали, что не получается. Пришлите нас криншоты - фото на адрес This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Сообщите, какие были размеры фотографий, чтобы понять причину, почему не загружаются фото.

Что касается видео, то тут все проще: видео надо загружать на YouTube. А в сообщении ставить только ссылку с окошка в YouTube

Добро пожаловать в нашу Школу нового поколения! Счастливого вам обучения!


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Bella, did you subscribe to free prep lessons and lessons for teaching parents here?
I wrote everything in these lectures


Play Guess Key with student 1 min of Game time
Stop by pressing F1
Write the score down

Ask them to do the same at home and see, if the amount of coins grow


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