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Time to send requests for Butterflies and Certificates (24 Mar 2019)

Hellene Hiner finished writing reviews for the participants.

× Recital #13 Winter 'Butterfly Ball'2018-2019

Tessa 5 1/2 USA

15 Jan 2019 16:09 #31837 by clayton8203
Replied by clayton8203 on topic Tessa 5 1/2 USA
Jingle Bells
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19 Jan 2019 02:59 #32014 by Аким
Replied by Аким on topic Tessa 5 1/2 USA
Great job,Tessa !
You play perfectly with both hands and all your fingers on alphabetical notes and by heart!

Thanks for the performance!
I wish you new successes!

Certified teacher in the program Soft Mozart.

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27 Feb 2019 20:18 #32597 by hellene
Replied by hellene on topic Tessa 5 1/2 USA
Hello Tessa!

Thank you very much for participation in our Butterfly Ball -2019! I loved all of your videos and was very proud of your achievements!

You performed on the keyboard and real piano and I didn't noticed any difference! It is easy for you to use light and weighted keys. You played many piano pieces by heart and by sight reading from the elementary Grand Staff. I noticed excellent ability to focus, very good piano posture, smart use of your fingering, improvements of your eye-hands and both coordination.

It seems to me that you developed excellent music ear. I won't be surprised, if we will discover that you have perfect pitch. It was also pleasant to hear that you play rhythmically! Some pieces were easy for you, but some very advanced! You surprised me, when I was listening to 'Fur Elise', for example! It is not an easy piano pieces for a child of your age.

Your appearance was very classy.

Did you and your mom have a chance to watch other performers and leave them couple of words? They would be very happy to hear what do you think about their performance!

Meanwhile I am going to prepare a small parcel for you with butterflies and certificate.

I am looking forward to hear your new performances. Do you remember? Our next recital starts 15th of May!

My sincere thanks to your parents who take care of your music education!

Hellene Hiner

Queen Tonic and other citizens of 'Kingdom of Tune' say Hi! They enjoyed watching your videos too!

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