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× International Recital #4 Graduation 2013-2014

Maia (5 y.o.) and Camelia - Romania

23 Jun 2014 20:43 - 23 Jun 2014 20:45 #15424 by camelia1902
Dear Hellene, we've been so anxiously waiting for your this celebration, especially for your analyze, which is so thorough and helps us so much to realize how we stand in relation with the piano right now!

Maia and I thank you so, so much for everything you've done for us - for the help, for the support, for the time you spent guiding us! :kiss:

We are very happy to see that you're proud of us! The fact that our way of approaching music has influenced other people and raised your expectations pays all the effort and sacrifices we put in the piano.

Soft Mozart, thank you for everything! We love you! :kiss:
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03 Jul 2014 17:44 #15555 by hellene

Dear Camelia!

Thank you very much for participating in our recital!

I am very impressed with your piano and music education success! It seems to me like teaching Maia boosted your own learning energy and you achieved so much in such a short period of time as a piano player and a teacher of your own child!

The 'Both Ways' demonstrated your excellent both hands coordination and ability to listen to the right and left hand equally.

The 'Old Woman in a shoe' - this piano piece played with Maia together gave me the impression that you don't only capable of playing the piano piece with flats and coordination challenges, but also can do it in duo with your daughter. It requires skill to work together as a team and to be a leader and an example. I think, this is the exact reason of your success as a parent and the educator: you built your leadership upon your own personal example.

The 'Musette' - this piece requires the perfect understanding of piano geografy in conjunction with excellent both hands' coordination. You played the piece in a good speed, with precision and carried all of the beats.

The 'Jesu' piece went very pleasant for our ears, nice and smooth. You are getting to the level of artistic playing and manage to combine the proper phrasing, articulation and dynamics. All of your education and culture background are shining in your piano performance! Isn't it wonderful?

I am looking forward to see you at our Summer classes and next semesters.

I am going to send you a certificate and little present in a memory of your wonderful recital!

Hellene Hiner, Professor of Herzen University (St Petersburg, Russia) - Developer of the Course 'Additional vocational training program and Interactive network technologies'. The author of 'Soft Way to Mozart computer based curriculum for teaching music and piano.

Please, follow the link to find Camelia's performance on facebook and like it there too! Don't forget to LIKE the page as well! www.facebook.com/SoftMozart [/quote]

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03 Jul 2014 19:09 #15556 by camelia1902
This is such an honor for me, dear Hellene! I truly cherish and appreciate your analyse and hope to keep up the good work in the future :kiss: !

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