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Rules for receiving Diplomas and graduation pins/medals

07 Sep 2019 18:07 - 26 Oct 2023 01:57 #34699 by hellene
Dear educators, students and parents!

Please read the information on filling out the student’s personal diary to receive a Diploma and an pins/medals.

The student’s diary begins with a short story about the student (name, age, student studied music earlier or not, if yes, at what age, how old, how often, etc.).

Indicate what level the student planned to complete.

If this is not the first year of study with the SM program, leave a link to the previous diary for the previous school year in the diary for the current school year.

Everything that is spelled out in the plans of the Soft Mozart Academy should be reflected in the student’s diary in the form of photo and video reports. Each step taken must be documented, which is the basis for obtaining a Diploma of a certain level and medal/pin

So, according to the plans in the diary should be reflected:

- Video: familiarization with the work - playing the instrument after listening to it (2-3 examples).
- Video: singing an alphabetical song (a few examples) or a circle of a musical alphabet
- Video: all the exercises that you should have studied according to plans.
- Video: Solfeggio with hidden left hand (LH) and recording a melody from memory. 1 video, the rest are photos.
- Video: reading from a sheet in different presentations (one example from each presentation) + other plays- screenshot of the results.
- Photo or video: work with cards.
- Photo or video: work with copybooks.
- Video: musical, rhythmic or auditory dictations.
- Video: melodic memory recording (ALL).
*Tasks from level 3: 1 video, 3 photos of the final result in C-G-F-major and A-E-D-minor.
*Tasks from level 4: 1 video from each album + photo of the final result in D, Bb, A, Eb major and H, G, F#, C minor.
- Photos / screenshots: the results of all games.
- Links to concerts:
* winter Butterfly Ball - link ...
* summer reporting - link ...
participation in 2 concerts for the current academic year is required.

Please note that your videos are publicly available, otherwise we will not be able to watch them.

The diary is filled out either every month, or during the school year, or at the end of the school year. The deadline for filling out and submitting the diary is September 1 of the next school year. No matter what time the diary is filled, in any case, it should reflect all the main points of the plans.

If the student did not have time to complete the plan, then the plan is transferred to the next academic year.


The preparatory level "С" is mandatory for everyone, no matter what level of training the student is.
If a student has already studied music and can play and read music, then he can play a repertoire of his level.
Prep is needed lay the foundation! Something that has never been in traditional learning: the relationship of lines and spaces with keys, an approach to develop music ear, interactive games, etc.

For example, you can see how the diaries of different levels are filled:

Diploma Level C:


Diploma Level 1:

Diploma Level 2:

Diploma Level 3 :

Part according to new plans - part according to old plans:


Diploma Level 4 :

Happy learning, everyone!

Sincerely, The Pedagogical Team of Soft Mozart Academy

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