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We are spreading sensational information about the creator of musical notation, Guido of Arezzo
Распространяем сенсационную информацию о создателе музыкальной нотации Гвидо Аретинском.

× Recital #7: Winter 'Butterfly Ball

Welcome Note From Soft Mozart Team

15 Dec 2015 09:02 - 15 Dec 2016 12:18 #21266 by hellene
Dear 'Soft Mozart' students!

Our Winter 2015 - 2016 recital 'Ball of Butterflies' is now officially started!

Who can participate?
Any of Soft Mozart student from 24 months and older.

What pieces to play?
Any that your learned during the semester - with or even without our program

Is Progress Diary with all the test/exam requirements necessary to have in order to participate?

Not at the Winter recital. You may keep posting Progress Diaries for Graduation period in May - June of 2016 . Winter recital is not requires for you to have Progress Diary as of yet.

The goal of this recital is:
Motivate you to practice, memorize and master as many piano pieces as possible and perform them for others. Ultimate goal is to have FUN making music and enjoying playing for others

How many pieces are minimum/maximum for the recital?
It is up to you! Completely your own choice!

Should all pieces be memorized?
No. Young groups (especially Prep A and B may play pieces even using 1 hand at a time. Participation is the most important goal!

Should the pieces be played by memory or with the music notation?
It is completely up to you.

How to participate?

1.Get ready.
2.Video your performance (one piece at a time!), upload the video on your You Tube account.
3. Start topic in this section for each participant (Press + and start new topic} . State your name, age and country for the title. Post your videos 'till January 15th.
Dedicate a video per song.
On each video with your performance, please, write Soft Mozart Winter 2015-2016 recital, name of a performer and the name of the piano piece and author of it. Please, indicate the age of the children - performers.
4. Pass the link from window browser of your You Tube video and copy/past it to your section here. This way we will have preview of your recital video and straight link to your performance.

5. Let all of your friends and family members know that you participat in the recital and let them enjoy your videos.

6.Watch videos of other performers and have fun to be their cheer leader as well. (we all need love and support support!).

We are going to comment on your performances during the recital and collect butterflies for each piano piece that you will share with us!

After the recital will be over, all of our presents will be sent to you!

We are so excited and looking forward for you to start this wonderful piano performing experience!

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