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Alin, 5 y.o. and a half, Romania

07 Feb 2014 20:27 #13617 by andreasro

Levina wrote: Alin, I like your style of playing very much! so gently, so soft and quiet... You like in your own beautiful world..

I am impressed that such little boy can play without stickers both hands and play by ear!

I like your videos very much! I am sure that your friendship with music is seriously and for a long time!

Thank you, Andrea for your touching theme!

I wish you all the best! :cheer:


Yana, thank you for your words! You always have something nice to say about every other student in this forum! :kiss:
We also believe music is part of his life hopefully for good because we want to help him keep the love for music and not hinder his way.

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07 Feb 2014 20:30 #13618 by andreasro

the Moon wrote: Andrea, he is amazing! Well done Alin!!! :)

Olga, :kiss: thank you my friend, you can see (understand) more than I can from what he is doing :P

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07 Feb 2014 20:42 #13619 by andreasro

tayechka@gmail.com wrote: Wow, Andrea, Alin is such a cutie.

I can't believe how well he plays. Where are the stickers? He must have great hearing, when you sang the high Do he quickly moved his hands up. So impressive. And to remember all these pieces off by heart, both hands, many notes. Really wonderful to see such progress!

Taya, thank you :kiss: That was in a cousin's house (the same who gave us the keyboard as present years ago). Alin doesn't need stickers for some time. He always likes to watch only at the screen when playing with the software or just finds the keys when he wants to play a song by ear. I have more records of him and will post them on youtube and here on the forum. I know you, as musicians and teachers, have a keen eye on a student's abilities and progress.

PS: Someone told me last year that I believe he is a genius and he is not and he also does not know what he is playing.
Actually, I see him quite normal in many ways and special mainly related his brain. If HIS brain can do it, I wonder what 'normal' brains can! And though I still have a long way till I can say I have a music education, I still think he DOES know what he is playing.

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07 Feb 2014 20:50 #13620 by andreasro

hellene wrote: Alin, you are my pride, joy and great hope!

Hellene, thank you! :kiss:
Under your guidance and with Soft Mozart we have high hopes too. In a music class here in my country he wouldn't have stand a chance at this age and even if he did he'd quit shortly after enrolling. Instead, he is enjoying every moment he is touching the keys.
My biggest hope is that he is going to be in love with music and piano all his life and nothing will make him hate it. And if he wants more we're going to help him fulfill his dream.

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