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Thank you, Olga Egorova! We are from Romania and Daria took piano lessons at age of 5,5 year 30 minutes /week for 10 month. And now with Soft Mozart for 6 month.


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Hello, dear friends!
We have the great pleasure to participate at the Recital Graduation for the first time . We are proud of what we learned this year and now we present you Daria 8 years old :
1) Barcarolle from album Favorite Classics 2


2) In the hall of the mountain king, Favorite Classics 2


3) Ode to joy, Favorite Classics 1


4) Bourree, Favorite Classics 2


5) A new years tree


We hope you enjoy it!


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Thank you, Hellene for your encouragement ! It means a lot to us .
She played the pieces with teaching video without metronome. The metronome distracting her attention and she refuse playing with it.
I will insist playing with metronome, too. I know she is hurry very often when she learned the piano piece , because she like fingering fast. I am always behind to moderate her...


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After two weeks of illness of me and Daria, we return with a new piece :
In the hall of a mountain King by Edvard Grieg:
We repeat every day the last song “Barcarolle” and “Bourree” .
Please take a look how it sounds “Bourree”:
and here:
I am not sure what video is best...and I put both of them.
She is not happy how she playing Barcarolle yet and we did not recorded it.

For piano sight reading Daria made Fruit Lines and last score was 936 for 11:40 time,
Note alphabeth 1093 score for 12:10 time.
I saw a stationary score …
She also done Note Duration School with 956 score for 15:50 time.

Now we must begin to preparing the May Recital because the 7th may we are going to visit Daria’s grandparents and there are no internet and no piano , and we stay there for a while … perhaps untill july or august.
So if you could please tell us what to do for May Recital ?
Thank you !


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Spring brings us the desire to go outside and play and to slow down the others activities. Even so we don’t give up on piano lesson …
Daria starts second level piano pieces at Helene’s advice and she enjoy a lot the new pieces.

Here is Daria the first days practicing “ Barcarolle” by Jacques Offenbach:


We are having fun singing the song without piano.

Here is practicing “Bourree” by Johann Sebastian Bach, she is switching from 1st mode to 4th mode :


She return at “ Fur Elise” by Beethoven and she is playing like this:


I start to record Daria playing piano without she knowing because she is shy and mistakes more when she see me with the phone .
I will return with the progress on this piano pieces soon.

I record Daria playing fruit lines when she sing the notes:

For the music appreciation we have seen “ The swan lake” Tchaikovsky Ballet and listening “Peter and the wolf” by Prokofiev and trying to guess the instruments .

For piano sight reading Daria practiced every day Note Alphabeth School with this score:
27.02.2019 : 887 score for 11:14 time;
04.03.2019: 905 score for 11:19 time;
12.03.2019: 1073 score for 11:44 time.

There are days when she wants to play Fruit Lines School instead of Note Alphabeth . She didn’t finished yet but has already done 46 levels .
06.03.2019: 813 score for 10:27 time;
08.03.2019: 884 score for 10:11 time;
12.03.2019: 936 score for 11:40 time .

We enjoy our journey on learning piano and we will continue. I told Daria that she will have a diploma at the end of the course and she is already impatient to see it... I am not sure if she will recive a diploma and what are conditions to graduate...
Thank you Soft Mozart Academy!


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Thank you very much! We follow your videos , your students are very prepared!


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Thank you, Helene!
I know she has ear for music , she played some songs without the music worksheet ... I promise I will record and post, one she learned at school with voice , one she sing every day from you tube and others she listened from CD. Sometime she don't want to see the staff because she has the song in mind.
Another thing that I am not sure she doing right: she play Gentle piano with 1st and 2nd mode until she learn it and after she try with other 4,5,6 modes and hide.
We know about the teaching videos, there are a huge help and she prefer without metronome. But for "Polovetzian dance" she told me that it is different from Gentle piano and she quit following . We will continue for other songs.
What you mean :" For the games I would recommend to play for 10 min for a game per month and write the score down." ? We choose only one game for an entire month? She prefer Fruit lines game and Note duration game ... but can you tell me what it is best for her to do?
She still has difficulties with bass staff...

Again thank you , Helene!


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The last two weeks we follow the sight reading intensive program by Hellene Hiner, the theory part . And so far Daria had this score:

Fruit lines:
31 genuary was 266 score for 4:33 time level 23 ;
4 february was 670 score for 9:30 time level 37 ;
24 february was 679 score for 9:37 time and level 38. This day she tried to finished ... but after 43 level she stoped. there was 11:38 time and 796 score.

She had birthday on 12 february and she focused more for that day and the presents she received: CD music with Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi ( her first love) and we listening every afternoon.

Note Alphabet :
30 genuary was 433 score for 5:35 time;
5 february was 466 score for 6:22 time;
18 february was 645 score for 7:23 time;
22 february was 729 score for 7:53 time.
We didn't switch yet from Do, Re, Mi to A, B, C.

She made The Note Duration too, with this score:
11 february : 493 score for 11:48 time level 11;
19 february : 737 score for 12:41 time level 15.

Daria practice gentile piano and learned ''Morning mood'' , ''Polovetzian dance'' and ''O sole mio '' from Favorite Classics 1 album.
Here is the video for ''Morning mood'' with 6 th mode:

and here is ''Morning mood'' without the program:

Here she play ''Polovetzian dance'' from Favorite Classics 1 with 4th mode:


Here is Daria the first time playing ''O sole mio '':


And here ''O sole mio '' again , this time without the program:


From the begining of the program she learn other songs too . Here are a few of them:

1. ''A hen'' :

2. ''Musette'' :

3. ''Old woman in the shoe'' :

4. And her's first love ''Ode to joy'':

At the birthday party she played a few songs for friends , we presented the program and someone was interested too. We hope they will enter in this family named ''Soft Mozart'' .
We are so thankful to Helene and all theachers in this program who encourage us to continue . There is a rapid progress if practicing more than two times a day. We try to do our best practicing in morning with a new song , after the noon with modules and in the evening repeating all she know or doing another module if she like it. I admit there is not all days like this one... but she try to become better.

I will embrace you all and wish you to become the best!