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How I became a certified Soft Mozart teacher
By Anna Hwang

My name is Anna Hwang. I was born in Seoul Korea. I received piano instruction from an early age, became quite competent and started winning a lot of competitions in my country. One of the competitions I won opened the door for me to study in the United States at the age of 18. I studied piano performance at the Eastman School of Music and received Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. I even spent one year in Vienna Austria after getting my degree and to experience the depth of classical music in the home country of Mozart.

Music has always opened up my hearts, healed my wounds, and reconnected me to the world around me. Especially in my difficult times, music has been a royal friend who stands by my side without judging me. I strongly believe that good music opens up your perception and heals your body and mind. Listening good music is almost like doing meditation or being in the nature. It has an absolutely great energy which helps us be calm and peaceful.

After coming back from Vienna I got married and had 3 children. It seems like my love for music translated into the love for my children. Soon I started teaching friends of my children and kids in my neighbor. I did my best to teach them but I couldn’t see any measurable improvement from them. They didn’t want to practice and didn’t feel excited learning to how to read music during the lesson. I began to think it is too difficult to learn how to read and play the music unless you are musically gifted and very diligent. Even for students who put in time to practice, it was not easy to read music fluently. I was becoming frustrated and started doubting myself as a piano teacher. I finally stopped teaching all of my students after the birth of my 2nd daughter and didn’t even try to teach my own kids anymore. I knew that it was hard to learn music unless you put so much time and effort. And in order to make kids to practice parents should push them constantly. I really didn’t want to do that to my kids as it was against my nature.

Several years later I had my third child -- a son. He loves playing computer game like a typical 7 years old boy. I noticed that he has a musician’s ear in that he could recognize the pitch and sing the melody easily. I really wanted him to understand music and be able to express himself through music as I did. I tried to teach him piano but he hated typical lessons. The black notes on the white staff paper were not attractive at all, seating properly in front of the piano was tough, and following my instructions to control his fingers was unbearable to him. I had to yell at him and control his every movement in front of the piano during the lesson. It was a torture for him, and there is no way to have a good relationship with him. I was very sad and almost hopeless. So I searched with a hope that there might be something out there for him to learn music through computer, like a game. And I found Soft Mozart. Yes! I knew this was it. I contacted Mrs. Hellene Hiner, the creator of Soft Mozart, and soon started learning about it and doing many training session with her.

This summer I had a chance to teach the piano with Soft Mozart in the summer camp for 6 weeks. The result was so more than I expected. My 12 years old middle daughter, who has never had a piano lesson before, was able to learn to play 3 pieces with boths hand and memorize them in just 3 weeks. It was an amazing experience. Other students in the summer camp also ended up being able to play a lot of pieces and memorize them in a short time. Soft Mozart method proved me wrong to think that music is just for people who are gifted. A right method of education plays an very important role in teaching students how to read music and play instruments.

Soft Mozart is the perfect interactive application to teach students how to read music independently. Based on scientific theories, it is a painless and effective system of self-education. Soft Mozart helps students develop a sense of confidence, self-sufficiency, uniqueness, and their own strengths. I wish our children can develop positive energy and communicate with the world through music. That positive and constructive energy will bring more peace and happiness and makes a world a better place. I am so honored to be a Soft Mozart teacher and it will be my mission to make more people to learn and enjoy music. I’d like to show my deep appreciation to Mrs. Hellene Hiner.


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Here is the two pieces from Gentle Piano. I am posting for the teacher's certificate.