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Win An Amazon Gift Card for Your Video Testimony

29 Dec 2018 14:26 #31201 by Mrs.Post
So many people have left reviews for Soft Mozart and we really appreciate it. But most of you know that people love to watch video. We want potential Soft Mozart users to connect with our community - the people who are already using it by sharing their experience in video format. So, we'd like you to leave not just a review, but a video review and/or testimony.

Each month we'll be doing a drawing for a $25 gift card to Amazon.com. The names entered into the drawing will be folks who left us a video testimony the month before. We would love to offer an incentive to everyone who leaves a review, but unfortunately, that is illegal. But we can do a drawing!

We've made this super easy. We've created a site for you to leave both a written and video testimony. There are two ways to leave the testimony. You can create a YouTube video and upload it to the site, or just walk through the process and the site will upload the video directly.

Here is the link to leave your testimony: bravinn.com/VidMonial/Home/CurrentCampaign?id=30452

Information that might be helpful in a review: Progress since using the program, ease of use, what your kids like most about it, whether you have a music background, if you have a special needs child that you are using it with, do you have to nag your kids to practice, what you like most about the program, what are your favorite features, how many kids are you using the program with, obviously anything you would have wanted to know before you started would be good to include in your review.

Below is a video that walks you through the process of leaving the review. Again the link is: bravinn.com/VidMonial/Home/CurrentCampaign?id=30452

If you have any questions or problems let me know by commenting in this thread.

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29 Dec 2018 15:03 #31203 by hellene
I have 2 questions: what languages are accepted?
Would you like me to email this information?

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29 Dec 2018 17:31 #31209 by Mrs.Post
Yes, Hellene, you can send this out.

I sent you an email about languages. I'm language impaired. All I speak is English. So we would need assistance if we want to do this in other languages.

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