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× Recital #18 Graduation 2020-2021

Seth (6), Australia

05 Sep 2021 06:42 #41828 by Губочкина Елена
Dear Seth,

I congratulate you on your participation in the Summer Academic Concert of the online Academy of Soft Mozart! Thank you, your teacher and parents for the well-prepared plays!

You have learned the pieces by heart, you play very intently, carefully, you control all your fingers. This is a great result for a beginner! I really liked all the plays performed by you, but most of all - the play of Musette. It was played very actively, boldly, confidently!

I see that you like to study music, you are a very hardworking and purposeful boy, which means that you will definitely achieve everything you want. I wish you further success and new musical victories!

I look forward to your performance next academic year.

Gubochkina E. V.,
certified teacher of Soft Mozart
Tchaikovsky, Perm Krai. Russia

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