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"Butterfly Ball" 2023 is over. Let's start praising our participants! (01 Feb 2023)

«Бал бабочек» 2023 завершился. Начнем хвалить наших участников!

The main rules for beginners - instructors.

25 Jan 2022 11:00 - 25 Jan 2022 12:33 #43012 by hellene

The article about "Sharing the Good Knowledge" in Soft Mozart music pedagogy is here

The goal of " Sharing the Good Knowledge " Pedagogical practice is to give every student of the Soft Mozart Academy an opportunity to develop their pedagogical abilities through experience.

Who can take part in the training?

Every child aged 24 months and older and a beginner adult who respects the following rules:

1. You must have a license of the Soft Mozart software for home use
2. You have to keep your Progress Diary of self-study or take piano lessons from a certified Soft Mozart teacher
3. Minors can participate through adult parents or guardians with their consent.

The master classes for Soft Mozart students format:

1. Master classes, presentations and other forms of pedagogical practice should be held at home or in an institution with at least one Soft Mozart station with license (computer + synthesizer) in person or online.

2. Master classes must be provided free of charge for your prospective students.

3. Photo and video materials of the pedagogical practice should be published on the student-instructor' blog after receiving the consent of the trainees and/or their parents.

4. Photo and video materials of the learning process should be published in the Progress Diary of the Student-instructor.

5. Learning outcomes are required to be published in the Academic Concerts section:

From December 15 to January 15 in the section "Butterfly Ball"
From May 15 to June 15 in the section "Graduation Academic Concert"

On the video is a 3 year old Michael from Moscow is teaching his babysitter how to play Jingle Bells (The Butterfly Ball-2022)


1. The teaching practice of each student of the Soft Mozart Academy will be evaluated by our Soft Mozart PTO and nominated for obtaining Certificates, Diplomas and presents at the end of each academic semester.

2. Students - instructors can create Certificates and Diplomas for their students by their own.

3. Students - instructors may be nominated for cash prizes, gift certificates and special insignia and documents twice a year after the Academic Concerts.

Rules for student-instructors

1. Participation in your Master Classes and other teaching practice must be completely voluntary

2. When teaching your students, choose the activities described in the Soft Mozart Academy lesson plans.

3. Keep distance between yourself and your trainee.

4. You can not remove your trainee's hands from the instrument, touch your student’s body, raise your voice or negatively evaluate his/her work.

5. You can not compare the success of your student with the success of other people, and especially with your own achievements.

6. Evaluate the student's work only on the basis of the concrete results of Eye Hand Span lag calculated by your computer.

7. Practice communicating in a student-question-answer mode. Do not solicit information, if your students are not ready to receive it.

8. Do not interrupt the students’ performance to show them "how to", if they do not ask for it. First ask, if your trainees want you to show them how to play.

9. Do not brag about your successes and do not be upset if your students will surpass you in their development. In fact, this will be the greatest outcome of your teaching practice.

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