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Abigail, 8, Prep C, Texas

06 Oct 2015 11:05 #20908 by hellene
Replied by hellene on topic Abigail, 8, Prep C, Texas

dfredrickson wrote: I will try to get a video in the next few days. One question I have about the Soft Mozart software, how do I know when to use the more advanced note representations? So far, we're just beginning and only using the first note representation. Should I be including others?

At the very beginning all the students go through general stages of developing fingers' awareness, eye-hand coordination, both hands coordination etc. This is why in my curriculum they use the 1st presentation (vertical with colors and pictures)

We watch the figures on computer and see, when time goes to its minimum. I see in your records that it is the case with Abigail.

Now it is very strategically important to customize the plan based on her development (this is why I wanted to see the video)

The plan is: to pick right piano pieces to keep developing her piano technique in the most effective way for her. Most likely these pieces we will play on 1 or 3 (with visual support) in order to avoid stress on her muscles.

For the sight-reading purpose we will start playing Albums of piano pieces on 2, 4, 5 and 6

I described the process in my Lesson plan. Are you following it? Prep C is your best bet:

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06 Oct 2015 19:35 #20909 by dfredrickson
Yes, I am trying to follow the lesson plan. I think I misunderstood the notation: R1, L1, P1, etc. Is the '1' indicating 1st presentation? I thought it meant play right hand 1 time...

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