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Alisa 6 y.o. Israel

02 May 2014 09:09 #14591 by Orangefrogisrael
Hanon 2 up

Hanon 2 down

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12 Jun 2014 21:12 #15091 by Orangefrogisrael
Scale G Major r.h.

Scale G major l.h.

Scale G major both

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25 Jun 2014 20:18 - 02 Jul 2014 22:34 #15445 by hellene
Replied by hellene on topic Alisa 6 y.o. Israel

Hello, Alisa!

Thank you very much for participating in our recital! My special thanks to your wonderful teacher Lubov Yanpolsky for submitting all of your videos!

I watched all of your videos and noticed a lot of progress since your last recital. You play several piano pieces on piano, with no visual help and by memory! Your fingers are getting stronger and now you can play piano pieces in which melody is ‘traveling’ from one hand to another! This requires a lot of control over each hand. Many people don’t know how important this is not just for the piano development, but for the brain development!

You developed excellent eye-hand coordination and I can see how you develop vivacity of your fingers. You got the skills of playing staccato and legato in combination. Way to go!

In your last video I also noticed that you are now working on the dynamic and character of your pieces a lot. I can say that you are very dedicated student and ready to make many takes in order to bring the best out of your performance! This is great skill to have, because talent has to go hand in hand with the hard work. You are very young, but already know what hard work means. I am very proud of you!

I am looking forward to see you at our summer classes and next semesters.
I am going to send you a certificate and little present in a memory of your wonderful performance!


Hellene Hiner, Professor of Herzen University (St Petersburg, Russia) - Developer of the Course 'Additional vocational training program and Interactive network technologies'. The author of 'Soft Way to Mozart computer based curriculum for teaching music and piano.

Please, follow the link to find Alisa's performance on facebook and like it there too! Don't forget to LIKE the page as well! www.facebook.com/SoftMozart

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