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advice for a newbie teacher .

10 Oct 2018 02:31 #30526 by bella
bella created the topic: advice for a newbie teacher .
I am not new to SoftMozart , i have been using it for a while now teaching my 2 kids . well at some point they took over and are teaching themselves :) they are really doing great that my friends are asking me to teach their kids . my first students will be 6 and 10 years old boys . all tips and advice are welcome . do you take them both at the same time ? i have only one piano for now but i do have 2 computers so i can run the games that dont require piano on another computer . how long the sessions should be ? their traditional piano lesson with piano teacher was an hour long nd the older son decided he doesnt want anymore . mum is saddened and i also want to bring back in him the excitment and love for piano he had before he started piano lessons last year . i realize you have shared so many thigs here , is there particular link you recommend i check for ideas on working with kids . my concern those are my kids friends and have been to our house so many times for playdates , sleep overs and i am concerned they might find it strange in the beginning to just come for lessons , also i dont like to turn every visit to another playdate . i see on facebook in the background of some of your photos beautiful posters, card games you use with your kids , are those shared somewhere here that i can print and use ? i am a teacher by profession but i have been just the homeschool mum to three kids one of them very hurt physically , being their mum , teacher is all i did for so many years , and this is a big step for me to change and will appreciate your support and advice .
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11 Oct 2018 04:03 - 11 Oct 2018 04:04 #30536 by Губочкина Елена
Губочкина Елена replied the topic: advice for a newbie teacher .
Здравствуйте! Конечно все поможем, чем сможем) Наверное, лучше будет просто двигаться вместе. Описывайте здесь свои уроки, планы, вопросы, а мы постараемся вместе искать на них ответы) Здесь мой начальный опыт работы www.softmozart.com/forum/57-teachers-tra...xperience/19065.html
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