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Tala, 11, Dubai

20 Sep 2022 19:03 #45056 by Аким
Replied by Аким on topic Tala, 11, Dubai

You have completed all the requirements of the Soft Mozart Academy and are qualified to receive the Diploma Level 2 .
We thank your teacher - lara Molaeb for your excellent preparation and keeping a diary!
Thanks to your parents for your interest in music lessons under the Soft Mozart program, the Heiner Method and the creation of a musical development environment for you at home!

Please write an application for a Diploma to the author of the program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. The level you have successfully completed
2. Link to the diary
3. Name and surname of the student in English
4. The exact postal address of the recipient.

Important: let us know if you are already the owner of the Queen Tonika medal, the Order of the Guard and the maid of honor medal.

Sincerely, the pedagogical council of the Soft Mozart Academy.

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