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Time to send requests for Butterflies and Certificates (24 Mar 2019)

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Jake Gaitz, 25months, Houston Tx

27 Feb 2019 17:34 #32587 by jakeypoo2
Yes. we are still working on the cards and maybe I should get bigger stickers for the keys.

Yes. we tried Music money. I would give him butterflies that we would trade in for stickers to put on the sticker wall and then at the end of the day we would trade them in for a goodie out of the basket filled with good gifts...but to my dismay he only wants to crush the butterflies and tear his stickers off the wall so I put it away and tried kisses instead. he seemed to like it but like you said we don't want to divert his motivation to pleasing mommy. I will bring out the music money again this week and tell you how it goes.
Did you try 'music money' with Jake for rewards? They will help us to delay 'instant gratification': you will add more and more 'flags' or 'butterflies' for every right move. After that together you will count them one by one and he will 'buy' a cracker for himself. Let me know!
I think, for now our goal is to awake his initiatives to do something. Any gesture like this should be appreciated (but not over appreciated). If we will be too excited about it, he will think that YOU wants it and it will affect his desire to work.

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