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Cayla, Age 10

18 Jan 2019 22:21 #31963 by Mrs.Post
Cayla, Age 10 was created by Mrs.Post
Cayla is one of my daycare kids. She's been using Soft Mozart off and on since she was three. Her interest in playing music has come and gone over the years. Her biggest frustration has been the hypotonia in her fingers which made it hard for her to press keys and stretch her hands out very far.

Since we started playing together as a family, her interest has sparked again and she agreed to do the academy with us. We started everyone during the second week of January. She has been playing about a half hour every day.

Her first scores on HCB were:

R1 - 15/15 65
L1- 16/22 91

Her best scores today

R1 - 15/15 10
P1 - 35/37 23

This video is from January 7th working on the left hand:

This video is from today with both hands:

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30 Jan 2019 11:18 #32355 by hellene
Replied by hellene on topic Cayla, Age 10
Cayla, I love your level of concentration when you are doing your piano! Way to go, girl!
You have excellent eye focus, both hands coordination and eye-hand coordination.
I enjoyed your videos so much! I LOVE that you don't want to quit!

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