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Just beginning to teach my two-year-old daughter:

For all GERMAN students you can book directly at
THE Ellenberger piano institute!


Wolfgang Ellenberger, born in Munich/Germany is an internationally active concert pianist as well as medical doctor specializing as GP.
He has been...
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I tried out SoftMozart with a 9-year-old boy.
Before he could not concentrate more than a single 4-bar-phrase of John W. Schaum first book!

After 2 minutes explaining how SoftMozart works he played through the ENTIRE Musetta of Bach and did this FOUR TIMES - thus he was maximum concentrated for full 20 minutes!!

And I could here the crackling in his brain learning step by step and making it easier and ieasier!!
Good luck his mother was there and he gets a new keyboard on christmas and learns playing with SoftMozart!

It was in the Seventies when an autistic girl whom I taught helped me invent my music programming method which is very similar to the SoftMozart approach. I am looking forward to fusion some of the methods later when we meet, Helene.....!


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Being concert pianist with international activity I am enthusiastic about Helene´s system. It is conform with many aspects of my "Relativity Formula of piano playing" which you can have a look at here:

for advanced students I even offe a private study "Live-from -music" look here:

I am looking forward to build up more cooperation with Helene!