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Thank you, Karla, for the suggestion about the ball. We don't have any that small, but I saw somewhere a suggestion about filling a small balloon with soft play-doe and using that to squeeze. It sounds like fun so I thought I would give that a try too!

She has been keeping up with her practice and faithfully writing it all down. I just have to take pictures of her papers and get them posted! Besides working with Soft Mozart, she also listens to Brill Kids Little Musician with her little sister nearly every day. They listen to and recognize several composers and titles of songs. She really has a hard time with clapping on a beat or keeping time. Is there anything you recommend to help with that. She does play the Note Duration game, but I don't notice a significant difference in her ability to keep time.

Here are her "lessons" for the month of February and March.




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O Sole Mio

Symphony # 5

Laughing Song

10 Little Indians

Jingle Bells

Hot Cross Buns


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Hello! I am finally back on-line! I have missed several months of posting to our progress diary without the computer. Maria still practiced faithfully everyday as the computer for the piano keyboard is not connected to the internet anyway. We have not been able to look at the lesson plans, so we just did the best that I could remember. She played at least one game each time and then worked on the songs that she picked out in August. For most of the month of August, she just scrolled through the different songs and played whatever she felt like doing. By the end of August, she had picked out 3 songs to practice for the winter recital. She chose: O Sole Mio, Laughing Song, and Symphony #5.

Each day, I had her write her score on a piece of paper. Since I have several months worth of scores to type out, I just took a picture of the paper. I hope it shows up well enough, it would take a very looooooong time to do it by hand!

We removed the stickers during August, so I had her practice Guess Key Game the most to help her learn the placement of the keys. She now knows the placement of all of the notes without much hesitation! Her favorite game was Note Duration, so she also played that often. There is another paper with more game scores, but I didn't get a picture of it yet.

Symphony #5 was her favorite of her choices. I just discovered today, that she can almost play it from memory even though we have never worked on memorizing it!!!

Laughing Song was probably her hardest song. Some days she wanted to quit, but she is learning that good hard work brings happy results! She is so proud of herself when she gets 108/108! I am proud too!

O Sole Mio was not her favorite and it took the longest to get a perfect score, which is her goal everyday! Some days she wanted to not write down her score until she did better. She didn't want Hellene to see her bad score. I reminded her that Hellene would be proud that she kept practicing even when she got a "bad" score. She doesn't mind the "bad" scores too much anymore. She knows it is how she learns.

We have not been working on the exercises, mainly because I forgot! Now that I can look at the lesson plans, we will start working on them again. She still remembers "White Cat, Black Cat" and Hanon.

I will try to get videos posted soon of her practicing!

At this time, I have not been practicing myself. I am teaching 2 days a week and have a very busy baby! I occasionally sit down and play something, but not regularly.

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This Old Man

Hickory Dickory Dock



Turkish March

Springtime Song


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The Doll's Grief


Away With Melancholy