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David, 64 years old, started February 3, 2018

24 Feb 2018 16:43 #28715 by hellene
David, how are you and your computer?

I just received a very interesting letter:

Back in the 1990’s when I was taking piano lessons I said to my teacher “It’s a shame piano notation evolved the way it did, it would be much easier to read and learn if we read top to bottom vertically. Unfortunately, reading left to right forces us to make a 90 degree turn in our heads to match that up with the keyboard, making it harder to learn.” She looked at me like I had rocks in my head. She was an old school pianist classically trained in London. “All instruments notate music left to right, that’s just the way it is.” She said. So, needless to say, I was overjoyed to see your software using this technique to teach reading. Now I know that I’m not crazy and there really is a better way to learn!

Imagine, how much fire and resistance my new system facing every day. In order to keep strong and stronger we have to optimize the actions.

We created a library with a lot of beautiful pieces (including Bach). Students that pass them can learn the most advanced pieces by regular sheet music. The good news is : we are all pioneers. It is also the bad news.

Do you have Bach Inventions 9.7?
Here is the link for download here: pianolearningsoftware.com/pages/for-intermediate-levels

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24 Feb 2018 17:31 #28716 by davidsaroff

Thanks for asking.

I'm just ordering its replacement.

I can operate the touch pad and an on screen keyboard in the old computer, so it may become dedicated to the Allegro2 and soft piano.

It is considerate of you to put up the inventions.

In a week I meet with the three professors who work with me on the survey of the Andromeda galaxy for pulsar signals. Did I explain, we had 40 hours of the Green Bank Observatory for that, and recorded the signals received. My task is to write and operate computer programs to search the 8TB of data. I'm not spending enough time with soft mozart, but that should improve.

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24 Feb 2018 18:21 #28718 by hellene
Do you believe in life on other planets?

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24 Feb 2018 19:03 #28719 by davidsaroff

Yes, I do. Life in the galaxy, and all galaxies is as common as the grass, I believe.

There was a special space telescope put up that looked for planets around other stars by measuring the small ~1% decrease in the star's brightness when the planet passes between us and the star, eclipsing a small part of it.

It was discovered that almost all stars have systems of planets. Some of those planets will be at the right distance so oceans don't boil, too close, or freeze, too far. It is expected that on some fraction of those, life will arise spontaneously. On some fraction of those it will evolve to intelligent technological life.

If on a planet around a nearby star there was a civilization similar in technology to ours, the strong radars that are used at airports to guide the planes in during heavy weather would be detected at an observatory like Green Bank, if we were lined up correctly. About 1/3 of the Green Bank telescope time is used for just such searches. They are under the name SETI, Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

I am alert to see it in my data, though Andromeda is so far away, 2.5 million light years, that I don't expect Andromeda SETI, but might accidently be pointed in the right direction so stars in our own galaxy are being detected too.

I am an atheist and scientific rationalist. I explain this to Christian religious people like this: the universe is so much bigger than when the bible was written, it makes no sense that a creator would put life on only this planet. There is a mismatch of scale. To my mind the creator and creation are the same thing, recreating itself everywhere all the time. Physics is the pattern of that recreation, but quantum mechanics teaches us that we can not predict what will happen exactly. The universe can surprise us by what it becomes. As part of that universe, we can surprise ourselves! I ask Christians this, if God has created intelligent life in many places, then if God is merciful, God must have offered salvation from sin there too, because any sufficiently intelligent creative creature sins, that is does evil things, if not intentionally, then because they don't understand the consequences of their actions, or there is no path of action that doesn't do harm. So... I ask, what was the Sermon on the Mount there? But it is sort of a tease, a way to try to make that person think on a bigger scale.

The physicist Fermi asked "where are they?", to mean, if there is technological life on planets around other stars, wouldn't we have visitors? My answer is the distances are so great, there is no practical way to make the journey, but the science fiction writers think otherwise!

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26 Feb 2018 12:54 #28730 by hellene
How interesting it was to know your opinion on this!

I believe in the Creator of the whole system and from my own experience I know that there is the Information Field.

About the 'Field', by the way Nikola Tesla knew and wrote.

In my case the discovery of the fact of how the notes and keys combine into a single whole, I got from this 'field'. I also received help for my book from the same place. I did not have time to write, so much information poured on me.

My life and the creation of this program confirms to me that God exists. He is not, perhaps, as it is painted in the Bible. At the time Bible was issued, the Information Field provided information that corresponded to that time period.

Modern discoveries in the field of clinical death suggest that the soul exists and after life there is another life. I believe in that!

We still can not understand how this is all connected together. But people who managed to look beyond, say that the answers to the questions there are obvious

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09 Mar 2018 23:15 #28993 by davidsaroff

Thanks for the new installation key and URL. I've just put it in the new laptop and tested it works.

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