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First Impressions from the 2024 Graduation Academic Concert

19 Jun 2024 08:20 #52869 by hellene

Dear students, parents, and teachers!

Our International Graduation Academic Concert - 2024 is coming to an end.

We have extended it until July 1st.

We are immensely enjoying watching your performances and are delighted that we all managed to create such a wonderful celebration!

We would like to especially note that students who regularly practice using the Gentle Piano module, read a large amount of piano repertoire, and learn pieces for stage performance demonstrate confidence, fluent technique, and excellent endurance when performing complex and substantial pieces.

However, without first developing the skill of fluent reading using the Gentle Piano module, beginners' muscle coordination is hindered by the constant need to think about the text, resulting in a loss of progress when prematurely transitioning to paper sheet music.

If you are familiar with driving, you will understand this analogy well: a driver who does not know the road, has no navigator, and is not well-versed in the area drives very slowly until coming to a complete stop. Stressful situations in driving and playing the piano affect the human muscular system in the same way.

We would like to present the example of two performers who practice regularly with Gentle Piano. Below are videos of these participants' performances at our concert.

Remember: reading musical text cannot be compared to reading books: in regular text, we work linearly. Musical text is more like piloting, and pilots are taught using simulators.

Without this crucial stage, which can vary for each beginner, the development of piano technique is unpredictable. And in general: why do we need extra stress? Please take this matter seriously!

Attention! The speed and dexterity of the fingers are the same in both the right and left hand. This is what the Gentle Piano simulator achieves - it develops both hands equally.

Example of regular interaction with sheet music using Gentle Piano:



I am sure that in the process of watching all the performances, we will find more such examples.

Most importantly, having studied the issue of working with the Gentle Piano program for more than twenty years, we see that premature transition to paper media weakens the muscle functions of beginners.

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