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You are cordially invited!

02 Oct 2023 09:10 - 02 Oct 2023 09:33 #49483 by hellene

I want to let you know that from December 15 to January 15, our Academy hosts the most enchanting holiday event—an online concert for everyone, the “Butterfly Ball”


Even if you haven't yet delved into the Soft Mozart program or begun your lessons, there's still ample time to gear up for this concert!

Start with the Basics: Download the Demo version and synchronize it with the keys of your digital piano or synthesizer from this page. .

Request Full Access: Send us an email, and we'll grant you complete access to our program—completely free.

Begin Your Journey: In just two months, you'll be surprised at how many pieces you can master from the notes! And remember, music is a family affair; you can all learn together.

Document and Share: Capture your progress in photos and videos. You'll be amazed at the strides you'll make. Consider sharing your journey on YouTube, and starting December 15th, you can post your video links on our dedicated forum space for the concert.

The "Butterfly Ball" is designed to break the chains of perfectionism.

Our aim?

To encourage you to explore as many pieces as possible. Use our program to play note by note, either one hand at a time or with both. Revel in your newfound ability to read various pieces from our Gentle Piano library.

And for every piece you master, Queen Tonic from the magical Kingdom of Tune will send you a butterfly. Remember, each butterfly equates to $1 off your program renewal!

The "Butterfly Ball" isn't just a concert—it's an opportunity. An opportunity to immerse yourself in music, to gain knowledge, and to connect with fellow enthusiasts. All under the guidance of our certified Soft Mozart teachers.

Have you downloaded our forever-free demo version yet? If you've managed to synchronize it with your synthesizer, reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll provide you access to the full version.

We eagerly await your participation.

Warm musical regards,

Hellene Hiner

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