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Free lesson plans for all ages

31 Jan 2023 08:49 - 31 Jan 2023 08:55 #46092 by hellene

In this illustration for the fairy tale "The Kingdom of Tune", the artist depicted me as a child. My beginning in music can hardly be called happy. Therefore, it was necessary to create a new technology that is changing thousands of lives around the world today.

Do you know? All the difficulties of learning music and piano in my childhood rested on one thing: instead of showing a direct visual connection between a note and a white piano key, my teachers were guiding my attention to the groups of 2 and 3 black keys. It was dead end since the black keys has no relevance to music notation. How much time and money my parents and I have wasted!

Our learning technology is a real "Klondike" for teachers and students! Thus, the education of one child costs the family $1000-2000 a year (if you study only 30-45 minutes a week). At the same time, money is invested without any guarantee, whether you will learn something - or not. Common way of teaching piano is very slow and confusing.

On the top of that music professionals do not have skills and tools to teach early learners applicable skills! Therefore, our Academy provide vocational training for them and teach how to use our tools for the best development of young beginners, even toddlers!

That is why we have created detailed lesson plans for you and your kids and students.

Lesson plans for your successful learning and teaching:

Here is the plans for adult beginners

Did you know that once you master this technique, you can teach the kids music literacy is by yourself? Do you understand that this is an additional qualification for you?

Here are:

for children from 2 to 3 years old

for children from 3 to 5 years old

for children aged 5+

For beginners with special needs we recommend plans that are 1 step easier than their age.

In all these absolutely free materials, a course in music and piano, which is not available in any high profile professional and prestigious music schools in the world! Moreover, we guarantee results of these courses for you unlike any other music schools.

As a parent you can save thousands of dollars on piano lessons + gas expenses and time. As a music/piano teacher you can gain a lot of online and off line students, because the more our beginners learn - the more they want to master their piano and music skills with the help of professional instructor. This is the most optimal win-win music situation of all times.

Some do not yet understand that our program is a breakthrough in learning. They try to compare Soft Mozart technology with the common apps that the market is full of. Please, do you research and place any name of any app in YouTube search window and see for yourself, how effective the approach is. The results should be obvious: thousands of performers and happy teachers - or just endless talking by the same people.

We have opened a direct path from the white key to the corresponding note, which was the key that opens all the doors in music. Since all notes can be either on lines or between them, the keys are like a 'zebra' that explain notation.

In principle, note-sounds are a binary system. There is no point in teaching it otherwise. If to do otherwise, you chase the keys mindlessly. So you can memorize a couple of pieces or songs, but it absolutely does not make any sense in the long run.

Only white keys were originally the basis for the development of the stave.

We have found a direct and effective way to hear - see - develop technique, hearing and musical aptitude at the same time. We use picture of an apple to understand the letter A - we use white keys to understand a sound. It is that simple!

That's why try DEMO, buy a license, write to us if you have any questions and do not waste your time!

We have even greater offers for music professionals and our old users. If you are in this category, write to us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The second week of special offers begins. Until February 21, there is very little time left.


Hellene Hiner

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