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We are spreading sensational information about the creator of musical notation, Guido of Arezzo
Распространяем сенсационную информацию о создателе музыкальной нотации Гвидо Аретинском.

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Memo to teachers and users about the boundaries in communication with the Author

23 Feb 2021 05:06 - 23 Feb 2021 05:07 #39571 by hellene

The secret of defending the truth is to work to spread the truth, not your personal image.

1. Be extremely polite. Take the trouble to send not orders, but letters. Orders are no longer accepted for consideration.

2. The author is the copyright holder of all printed and digital materials. It is not a right to receive these materials for free, but a privilege.

3. If the materials of the Author are received free of charge, this does not mean that they have no price. The author has the right to withdraw anyone from using their materials in case of violation of paragraph 1.

4. Obtaining diplomas, personal insignia, certificates and other incentive prizes is not the right of students and teachers. This is a privilege. It can be withdrawn in case of violation of paragraph 1.

5. In order to receive insignia, certificate, diploma and other privileges, a written application is required. If the Author has not responded to the written request, the request should be sent again: additional work with postal items of this kind is not the responsibility of the Author and is not a priority in the list of duties. Therefore, the responsibility for receiving such items are YOURS.

6. Be mutually polite: if the Author spreads information about your school on social networks, do not forget to spread information about the Author and the Soft Mozart system, as well as other #softmozart schools. The #softmozart tag is enough for now.

7. There are 24 hours in a day. Save the time of the Author. If you can resolve the issue on the forum or in a group, do it.

8. No need to send videos of your children or students, write about your achievements or discoveries in private messages. If you want to share your success, share them on the forum and on social networks.

9. No need to congratulate on the holidays and even Birthday to the Author in a personal message. If you believe that #softmozart is the only alternative to traditional music education, have the courage to admit it publicly.

10. The solution of organizational and technical issues related to the Soft Mozart system will also not be considered in personal messages from now on.

11. Important messages on working with the Soft Mozart system must be resolved either on the forum or in the Soft Mozart group.

12. For urgent questions about working with the Software, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

13. When making a request for a license for the Soft Mozart Software, be sure to provide your account number and / or license key.

14. When solving the same problem, keep all the correspondence.

15. Never send registration number and other digital license information in the form of a picture: take the trouble to copy this information with the mouse and send it by text message.

16. If you received a VIP license by paying for it as a service, do not demand immediate sending of the program: this is not an automatic order, and it cannot be sent immediately after payment.

17. VIP licenses will be issued to teachers based on the Soft Mozart Teachers' Guidelines. There are published here .

18. Remember: the main task of the Author is to make the discovery and his scientific development generally known. Never blackmail the Author by saying that you are going back into "traditional" training. This is a direct path to breaking off any relationship.

19. Those who do not understand or do not want to understand that there is no alternative to the Soft Mozart system cannot be our full-fledged representative.

20. The individual achievements of each student and each teacher should be seen as further evidence of the superiority of a system in which sign, sound and duration are taught as a whole. If your goal is to assert yourself or to boast of the innate success of your children, or to put your success ahead of this discovery, we are not going to share our ways with you.

21. Remember: our common task is to revive musical literacy, make our profession in demand and give new generations of children the best start for all-round development. The contribution of each person is highly appreciated and encouraged by us. Any conceit, pride, desire to raise only oneself, one's business or one's children or students through this project will be categorically suppressed.

Respectfully Yours,

Hellene Hiner

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