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The true cost of free music apps

22 Mar 2020 22:48 #36650 by hellene

“Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap" . . .

Why do zealous parents and even music teachers forget this proverb when they drag home stuff for free or buy very cheap “gadgets” for teaching music?

When you buy food, you check: Are there palm oil and cancerous artificial additives? Or do you dive into the trash to find free food with expired dates? This is gross. Yes--you’re right! You will never poison or harm your child with unhealthy food.

Why aren't you afraid to poison the lives of your beloved, dearest children with filth that will damage their brains and souls for the rest of their lives? Have you forgotten how once some shrill and mean teacher turned you away from mathematics forever or as a bone-crusher (a physical education instructor) forever ruined your relationship with athletics? How can you so irresponsibly allow gimmicks to raise your children, albeit indirectly?

Where does such neglect of spiritual food come from to harm the very foundation of your child’s mental health? After all, the fate of children depends on what you pick up at the music bins: how much they learn to respect themselves, for example. Or will they develop their imaginations? (After all, it was Einstein who considered the imagination to be MAIN, not only in survival, but also in human development!)

Let me remind you that it is a musical education that develops the imagination! Do you want to create a dull, whining child that every scoundrel will use? Keep rummaging through garbage cans with all those free gadgets!

I’m sure that you don’t even know what is really happening. Otherwise, these “benefits” would not have been treated with such carelessness!

I have written a lot about what happens in "traditional music lessons" when a teacher invades young students’ personal space, poisoning them with his/her pressure and breath, grabbing them by the arms and shoulders, pulling them, expelling, belittling, putting them down and enforcing “music skills” by howling in their ears.

I really hope that this misfortune—coronavirus--will put an end to such "contacts" of the student and teacher in piano class. There is no silver lining! Teaching a child at a respectable distance, even remotely, is possible and necessary! To do this, you just need to master the new technology and the Soft Mozart method.

But now, I'm afraid that many “professionals” will swing to the other extreme: the hunt for free music apps. And this evil is even worse than the "traditional lessons" with screaming "singing enthusiasts" into kids' ears!

Moreover, I warn parents the most. Such “professionals” will “save you money,” but you are the one who will deal with the aftermath of such derision.  And it’s up to you and your children to disentangle the consequences of such a lesson. Be careful!

Free or cheap apps have many purposes but the more important one: the development and education of your child. Instead of a "fishing rod," with the help of which your child could catch more than one goldfish in life, they offer you rotten garbage!

If your child had been given milk poured into a cat bowl and was forced to lap on all fours from this bowl, you would have been offended and sued someone for humiliation and insult. But the fact that your child is turned into a thoughtless animal that should blindly chase colorful balls or worms crawling on the screen does not bother you!

“And what is wrong with my child playing by colors, lights or moving stripes?” you may ask. He is enjoying learning a tune!

Everything is absolutely wrong with this.

In order for a child to catch a fish, at least he must be taught to see how it looks.

Note, duration and sound--this is the "fish" that any small person should be able to immediately recognize and not mix up with anything else. Yes, three in one! You do not let your child first listen to cartoons, then watch pictures of cartoons, and then show the animation of the cartoon using your body language. Do you?

With the musical "fish," it is the same story! Your child should clearly see the note (key), hear its sound and see how the duration develops in real time simultaneously while interacting with the note through the touch of his/her own fingers. Only in this way does the child learn to focus on the fish. Based on this alone, he/she is able to concentrate their attention and develop the ability to read musical notes from elementary to complex stages.

You cannot let the child run around the room for a bow like a kitten, and then throw him out into the street in the hope that he has already “figured out” where the south, north, west or east are. And the manufacturers of these tutorials can. They do not care what will happen to your child tomorrow! And the "frugal instructors" also do not bother. They save on your children because of their own greed, distance, and lack of care.

We have already lost so many generations of kids to music. So many adults have lost their hopes of learning anything. Such “saving” is a true disaster for our kids and their future!

And now I will tell you what will happen to your child, on whom you are convinced to save bucks by downloading free or cheap apps developed by gimmicks.
Children are not kittens. And they are well aware that one blindly memorized tune does not at all make them free to communicate with a musical text 1 on 1. Here are the complexes that will begin to develop:

1. The main thing is not to be, but to seem like they are being (and this is the first step towards the development of narcissistic personality disorder. I recommend everyone to read about it!)

2. Music is not mine
(and since music surrounds us everywhere, on a subconscious level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the entire life), your child will consider himself either flawed (not “gifted”) or deprived (“he could have learned, but was never given a chance"!)

And these are just a few weeds from a garden that will grow out of these inferiority complexes and the disadvantages of balanced upbringing and education.

Look at the interface of ANY music tutorial. If there is no point in it that would hook your visual focus, which would give you support for understanding the whole picture of a single whole, where the note, sound and duration are interconnected, then it is a multi-vector figure leading inwardly or rather into an infinite internal discord.

Do you want such a life for your child? Such happiness? Such determination? Such a will?

I am sure that the answer is obvious. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Although in our music industry, paid-for cheese is no better. Because there is still a strong tradition to take advantage of people's constant love for the beautiful language of music, and in return give away a stone nicely wrapped as a “present.”
Learn Soft Mozart. This is the only correct way out of this centuries-old impasse.

I made access to study material and certification tests available FOR EVERYONE. It's here .

I warn you: certification will not be free. Access to the program will also have to be earned. But your every good movement will pay off many times because we guarantee success for both children and adults. And success is priceless.

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