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Re: SoftMozart review- Highly recommend!

25 Jul 2015 16:21 - 07 Aug 2015 02:16 #20474 by Compassion
Good day everyone,

I would like to leave a review of SoftMozart piano learning curriculum. I first started using SoftMozart in 2012. At the time I was age 40. I did not know how to play the piano at all. When I began using SoftMozart to learn my basic notes with the note games and fruit basket and tree exercises, I noticed my eyes and hands began coordinating and I started slowly remembering notes by the colorful and animated software. I am one of those people who learn by visual stimulation using colors, shapes, sounds, and patterns. I like SoftMozart because it provides all of the colorful patterns and animations that keep me interested and help me remember. I get up everyday looking forward to my piano learning software because SoftMozart developed a software that is designed to go with each individual’s progress so they want get frustrated and quit. When I was a little girl I wanted so badly to play the piano, but the piano instructor was very impatient and made me feel bad because it took me a little longer to caught on to learning all of the piano book knowledge she was trying to teach me. I needed someone to go slower with me and use creativity to help me learn. I gave up on trying to learn to play the piano because the instructor just made me feel bad for being slow at learning her lessons. I was around age 10 years old then.

In 2012, when I was age 40, I was so determined to learn to play the piano that I invested in a SoftMozart 12 month curriculum software course. This was the first time in my life I actually understood how to play the piano. The SoftMozart games and fingering exercises are highly developed and caused me to pick up on notes in no time. In three weeks of using SoftMozart I was able to read a music sheet for the first time in my life. I was so happy and my confidence increased because I was actually playing beginner songs. I like SoftMozart as a beginner pianist because it does not rush me to learn. A past piano teacher rushed me to learn, which in turn caused me frustration and made me give up on learning to play the piano. SoftMozart starts off at a level it recognizes I am ready for and slowly helps me to increase my learning skills. I like that the program will recognize areas where we have problems playing and will even slow down for us until we get it right. It makes me feel so good to be 43 years old now in 2015, and I can actually play a song on a music sheet because of SoftMozart. After my subscription expired in 2012, I purchase another one. And after that subscription expired I purchase another one. This is an on-going piano learning curriculum for me. It never expires because I am going to continue to keep up with my learning and hope to someday play the more advanced songs. I love that SoftMozart piano learning software will update. I highly recommend this piano learning curriculum for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano at their own individual pace. The graphic, sounds, and animations are all excellent and well developed. I can see the developers of SoftMozart truly put a lot of heart, love, time, and money into making such a miraculous way to learn to play the piano. It is obvious the developers of SoftMozart really really cared about people learning to play the piano when developing this software. I have never seen such a well developed full curriculum piano learning software like this before. This piano learning software is by far one-of-a kind. It is original, authentic, and the best out there.

I am a songwriter. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano so I can write my own melodies to my songs. With SoftMozart I get to learn different styles of music pieces so I can eventually learn to write melodies. I want to thank Hellene Hiner, the founder and chairman of this outstanding piano learning curriculum. When I do make it big as a songwriter I will financially support this company in every way I can. I plan on donating some of my song royalties to keep it going. That is how much I believe in this piano learning course. Thank you Hellene Hiner and all the technicians and designers who helped make this software possible. I am very grateful Ms. Hiner offers flexible payment methods to suite each person’s financial needs.

This is the best piano learning curriculum on the market. I highly recommend it!

Thanks again Ms. Hiner,
Compassion Lovelight
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26 Jul 2015 11:14 #20475 by hellene
Dear Compassion!
Thank you very much for your review!
Honestly, this is one of the best reviews about the program that I ever read. You got the very essence of the program - the love and carrying for the people.
Unfortunately, we can't release the software for everyone for free, but I am sure that it will be time when this will happen.

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