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How to post videos on our forum

22 Nov 2018 08:54 - 22 Nov 2018 08:58 #30863 by hellene
1. In order to share your videos on our forum, please, use YouTube. For that you have to open your own YouTube free account.

2. After uploading your video on YouTube you will see the following picture:
Screen 1

1. Title. You have to provide short title for your video.
- If the purpose of the posting is Progress Diary, please, indicate the level that you are working for along with the name and age of the student.
For example: John (3) works on Hanon #1 exercise Prep C level

2. Short description in this section describe more details that would be helpful for you and for teachers who will view your video. For example: This is the second month of working with Soft Mozart curriculum. He started using both hands 2 days ago. etc

3. tags always place 3 important tags: Soft Mozart Academy, Level (Prep *** or 1,2,3), activity (exercise, module, piano piece etc)
The rest of the tags is optional

4. Choose the privacy. It can be either unlisted or public. Private videos won't be shown in the forum. Therefore if you want our teachers or forum members to watch your videos just here, set them as 'unlisted'
If you want them to be shown everywhere, choose privacy setting as public

If you concern for your privacy, you may just record hands of your child. Don't mention your hometown - just use country name

Also there is no need for you to display your last name or other details. First name or nickname + age will be appropriate.

5. Thumbnail. Choose the picture that will better explains your video.

However, if you are going to apply for Certificate or Diploma, you will have to send us the name as you want to see it on the document. We are keeping your private information and shipping address strictly confidential!

6. Press SAVE button. This page of the video IS NOT ready to be shared! This is the page for editing your work only!

Screen 2

For opening the final version of your video click on the link as it is shown on the screen 2

Screen 3

Click on the URL link of your published video. Copy the link

Open our forum and section where you want to share your video

Screen 4

Paste the link into the body of your massage and click SAVE button

This is how you video will appear in our forum.

Screen 5

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