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Can I get the new version of Soft Mozart now?


The new version will be available starting March 31st. For most students with a perpetual version, we will begin accepting requests for upgrades on March 27th. If you have made a request already, we ask that you submit an additional request on the 27th or later. We will not begin fulfilling upgrade requests until the 31st of March.

If you have a subscription and would like to renew your subscription early to secure current pricing, you may do so until the close of the business day on March 31st. So if you have 6 months left on your current subscription, you may renew for one year then you will have 18 months total.

DO NOT lose your key. You will not get a new one with the upgrade.



How long is the $150 upgrade for the perpetual version going to last?


The current upgrade option will last at least until September 30st, 2013. It may last longer than that, but we cannot promise anything. Starting March 31st, you can go to the Soft Mozart store and purchase the upgrade directly from there.


I purchased a copy of the software during the February sale, and now you are announcing a new version. Why weren't we informed about the new version?


We originally scheduled this update for later this year. We discovered in late February, due to circumstances beyond our control, we would be able to make the update available much sooner. We sent out the e-mail as soon as we had a definitive date for the release. We realize this is a very short notice, but we weighed our options and decided to upgrade earlier than anticipated. We are sorry for any inconveniences this has caused. If you just purchased the software, you may either keep your version or you may apply for an almost free upgrade.



I heard about that almost free upgrade. How do I qualify and what do I need to do?


You qualify for the free upgrade in 2 ways: you are either an Active Member or you just purchased the software.


If you are an Active Member in the online forums and/or participating in the Soft Mozart Academy, you may submit a written request to the Soft Mozart Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Please send your Soft Mozart forum username and order number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send written instructions on how to proceed. Active members may begin requesting upgrades on March 20th. We would appreciate it if you send us your requests early so that we can process them. It will make the transition smoother. You will not get the upgrade sooner, but it will help us with logistics.


If you just purchased Soft Mozart we would like you to install it and get to know how it works. Join the forums and ask some questions. Use the program and learn a song. Take a free Skype lesson with Hellene. You may even want to download a FREE copy of the book “You Can Be A Musician” and read it. It will help you understand the philosophy behind what we are doing. Then write an honest review on your blog, on our Facebook page, or on Amazon.com. You may also do a video review and upload it to YouTube. Send a written request with a link to your review, your order number and your forum username to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you instructions on how to get your almost free upgrade. We will take upgrade requests from new students beginning March 27th.



How do I know if I am an active user? We started with my two year old but his attention span isn't quite long enough so his lessons haven't been consistent. Can I still qualify for a free upgrade?


An Active Member is a student or parent of a student who is learning at their own pace and sharing their experience on the forums and/or participating in the Soft Mozart Academy.          


The early toddler years can be trying. We have many students that stop and start lessons that first year. Sometimes patience is your only option. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact the PTO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., include your forum username with your order number, and one of our parents will get back with you. We are always looking for ways to assist our students’ success. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you really want the upgrade but are not sure if you qualify. In an effort to transition you to the new program as early as possible, please contact us after the March 15th, this will give us time to work with you individually.



I'm not an Active Member and I don't have a perpetual copy, can I still upgrade to the new version without renewing my subscription?


Yes, you can! There will be an option for you to upgrade in the store as well. The cost will be $75. If you would rather get a discount, you are welcome to join the Soft Mozart family by registering on the forums and posting a video review on YouTube or a written review on your blog, our Facebook page, or Amazon.com. You may also write a review of our FREE book “You Can Be A Musician” and post it here in the Soft Mozart store. Contact the PTO with a link to your review, order number and your forum username at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get you the upgrade for $25.



I purchased Soft Mozart over a year ago, I don’t have my order number any longer. Where can I find it?


Please log into your Soft Mozart store account. Under “Track Recent Orders” click “view all”. There you can locate your subscription or perpetual copy order number.



My son loves setting 3 in Gentle Piano. I am afraid we are not going to like the new version.


There is no reason to stick with the old version. Everything that you liked about the old version is still going to be there. Many of the annoyances are going to be gone. The new version will be easier to navigate and offer the same visual support our Mac users have always had.


If you look closely at the picture below,


you will notice blue lines that mark the octaves on both the treble and bass clefs. These lines offer another piece of visual support to our beginning learners. This feature can be turned on with a key stroke for those who no longer need it. This blue line is in the new piano key guide as well.


You will not want to miss the new features that make the best piano learning software even better.



How long are you going to support the old version; do I have to upgrade?


No, you do not have to upgrade with either a subscription or a perpetual version. Your key will continue to work with the old version as long as you have it. Subscribers will be automatically updated to the new version with a subscription renewal. DO NOT lose your key, you will need it regardless of which version you are using.



We really like the idea of Soft Mozart, but it is so expensive, $1199 is a lot of money for the new perpetual version. Why is it so expensive?


We appreciate that you work hard for your money. We realize the price we are asking for the software is out of reach for many families. Since we are doing that, we better have a good reason why. We are not a company of programmers. We teach. We developed the best and easiest way to teach piano to every child and placed it under US patent. The cost of our program reflects the real cost to our company for development and support of this product.


A large corporation could develop this product, if they had the patent, much cheaper than we can. Let us call them Company X. Company X can either hire someone new to do the programming or take someone they already have and assign it to them. That is their real cost. The secretary, tech support, shipping department, marketing department are all subsidized by other areas of the business. They can create the product and market it faster and for less money than we can.


Soft Mozart is all that we do. Soft Mozart pays for the lights, the shipping department, salaries, and every expense our company has. That is why programs like ours seem so expensive.


While a large corporation could develop the program and deliver it to the customer in a way we can’t, a large corporation cannot offer the product support that comes only with Soft Mozart. It would become too cost prohibitive. The Soft Mozart family of learners is part of the Soft Mozart difference.



That explanation doesn't help me to afford your invention. I've seen some other software programs that aren't quite as expensive as yours. Why should I choose Soft Mozart?


Soft Mozart is not just another program. Our program is unique to anything on the market today. We ask you to visit the web site to discover the Soft Mozart difference for yourself. Also download a FREE copy of the book “You Can Be A Musician” where you will read about why we do things the way we do them.


While we firmly believe Soft Mozart is worth every penny of what we ask, we also know many families will have a hard time with this kind of investment. Our mission is to bring music literacy to everyone. That is why we have developed the scholarship program.


Through the Soft Mozart PTO you can obtain a perpetual copy of the program for nearly the same price as a one year subscription. If you meet the requirements for the 30% discount (available everyday, to everyone, even when we don't have a sale), the one year subscription rate, for the new program, will be $210 plus shipping. If you meet the all the criteria for the scholarship program, your cost for the perpetual version is the original $210. That is a $989 scholarship.


Our motto is: “The More You Learn – the Less You Pay”. We want you to succeed. Everything we do as a company is to move you in that direction. We are attempting to remove as many obstacles to your success as we can and place roadblocks in areas that traditionally lead to failure. We have found that if you use the program for a year you are more likely to continue using it. If you participate in the forums regularly: offering feedback and being encouraged by teachers, parents and learners from all over the world, you are more likely to practice, see progress, and develop music literacy.


This is a help to you, but it is also to help us. If you succeed you are more likely to tell your friends. We do not advertise. We count on our Soft Mozart family to spread the word. Your participation in the forums ensures we have many minds set to achieving the same goal. Our Active Members have developed games, manipulates, learning videos and much more to go along with our program. First we would have to think of creating the material and then we would have to pay someone to create it. Our success is built on the success of our students. This is how we can afford to offer such amazing scholarships.


You may look elsewhere but you are not going to find a program that can do what Soft Mozart does, nor offer the support network that Soft Mozart has. The more you participate in our program, the less you have to pay. And if you don't want to participate, we still believe our program is worth $1199.


Dear Teachers and Learners!

“Soft Way to Mozart” ® welcomes you and invites you to become a member of our teacher/student/parent community to get a unique experience in learning how to play the piano and read music.  Join us on your journey!

Teachers vs. Students?  Not any longer. Our company is different from others because we have managed to break the wall that keeps students and teachers apart.  With the traditional way of reading sheet music, beginners and teachers are on opposite sides.  The teacher’s job is to correct the mistakes, and the student’s job is to make them.  Correcting the mistakes means bringing bad news to someone. Therefore, we teachers all used to get bogged down in details about sharps and flats and missed the whole point – the fun and exciting part of a music-making experience.

Working together to change the “notes” into beautiful sounds. Now with the help of our visual and interactive sheet music (eyeNotes™) and “Soft Way to Mozart” ® curriculum, we have found a WAY to break this wall for good.  We have made the computer technology and our piano learning software fully responsible for students’ sight-reading skills.  This process lifts the teacher’s load of frustration and of finger-pointing.  It also gives teachers a lot of room for fun and exciting CREATIVE communication.

Helping each other in a Gentle Way.Here, in our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® community, the music/piano teachers are helping students grow artistically, and students are helping teachers open up all their creative talents in teaching music as an art (not as a bunch of boring, tedious drills).

What is the “Soft Way to Mozart” ® community – an academic group or a game? Surprisingly enough, this community – based on the “Soft Way to Mozart ® curriculum – is an academic school, a game and a social network at the same time.

We guarantee results – whether you are with us for a month or for seven years. Our entire course is designed for 7 school years – it is like seven notes of the scale from C to B or from Do to Ti. In seven years we will make you a pro. But if your goal is to learn just couple of songs without getting involved in the full experience, working with us for only a month will be enough time to achieve it.  

In 7 years we will help you or/and your children become experts in music: you will be able to perform pretty advanced music pieces, will be able to sight-read music,  play music by ear, pick up the right chords to different melodies, write music down and learn many other important skills. Some of you could achieve a level of music from equal to students in secondary schools and on up to the university level.

What happens when you graduate? You will be able to play the piano and read music. If upon your graduation you would like to stay with our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® community, you will be able to become our mentor to help other beginners. We’ll be happy to see how learners transform into teachers.

Benefits for learners:

  1. After registering with our community, gain access to all of our free learning materials, be able to communicate with other members of our community, receive free advice of our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® certified professionals with any questions regarding your music education.
  2. Upon registration, subscribe for a full year, half a year or even one month, and you will be able to select the teacher you like to be assigned to.  This teacher will be responsible for your (or your child’s) music growth and learning progress.
  3. Receive your teaching you here, online. You will have your own personal space in our community where you will be able to exchange massages and files with your teacher. Considering the fact that “Soft Way to Mozart” ® is an effective tool for learning different piano pieces, your teacher’s goal is to help you play artistically and guide your development based on your unique, personal needs.
  4. Share the videos of your performances with your teacher, receive professional advice and feedback, or meet your teacher on Skype and receive a qualified opinion about your live performance.
  5. Use our forum to find advice from our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® squad of experts who will be happy to assist you.
  6. Receive support and encouragement for all of your musical talents. We will help you develop them to your fullest potentials and will keep your motivation up to keep practicing.
  7. Participate in different piano competitions and recitals if you or your children want to. The contests are going to be international and you will be able to compete with students from different countries. It is going to be fun and exciting unforgettable experience!

Who can become a student of our “Soft Mozart School”? It is easier to say who can’t: we accept everybody and guarantee great results for each individual or your money back.

Benefits for music educators:

We welcome every music teacher to our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® community and will be happy to share all our teaching materials and knowledge with you.

  1. Mingle with music teachers from different countries, exchange your teaching ideas and receive our professional support to have your best teaching experience ever.
  2. Extend your teaching education by receiving training and certification in the program “Soft Way to Mozart” ®. We are not going to teach you subject of music, mostly technology and pedagogy in conjunction with it.
  3. After you are trained and certified, you will be assigned to our students – members of our “Soft Way to Mozart” ® community.  We are going to pay you for your time and knowledge.  We hope you’ll like this part the best.
  4. On top of these, we’ll be promoting your music studio or school as our certified educator through our website and all our advertising channels.

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