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How to use Songs Library/ Music Collection?

07 Mar 2013 06:23 #8683 by EvaAngel

I just installed my software and am having a play. Just wondering how to use the song library and music collection with SM? If there's a link to this information somewhere, please point that out to me - I tend to skim when reading from the screen!


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07 Mar 2013 12:23 #8684 by Mandabplus3
Welcome Karen!
The songs library was added because I noticed my children were playing the songs they recognised the tune to MUCH better than any tunes they were unfamiliar with. I also played the familiar tunes much better. I made a comment on the forum about it and Hellene added all the songs to a library for us to access! ( pretty nice of her hey! )
So the idea is to download all the music for the songs you are learning and the one you will learn next. Play them as background music so the tune seeps into your subconscious and conscious mind.
It takes an idea from Suzuki piano where the children are given a music cd to listens to weeks before they start the piece. They also invite the children to come to class early and listen to other students play. Then when they actually start to play they already know the rhythm, tempo and note sounds.
All they have to do is add the piano :P
Hope it helps you. It certainly helped us.
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09 Mar 2013 08:16 #8717 by EvaAngel
Hi Manda,

Thanks for the explanation! That's certainly helpful :)
It strangely reminds me the method I used when I learned a foreign language long time ago. But that's another story.


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