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extra large music staff

05 Feb 2012 03:51 #1725 by Mandabplus3
My kids approved of these so attached are two A4 size music staff pages. One green for trebble, one brown for base.
If you also print off a set of the magnet tops (I enlarged mine 142%) and use your imagination as to what activities to do :) You could print and glue or laminate and stick with bluetack.
I am thinking...
note of the day-learn one note placement each day
Lines and Spaces- learn all the spaces and then all notes on the lines.
Trebble and Base- place DO in its correct spot on both the trebble and Base staff.
Notes in order- see if you can place them all in order.
Make my song- if you are really keen you could actually glue all the notes for a song in order!

Please use in vertical format first :) And I suggest you print out a key/or answer strip to check of the answers. You could use the note files above and cut and glue them to the right order (or maybe some awesome person will add a file for us ;) )
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